Who makes Wal Mart Super Tech oil?

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Mar 20, 2004
I thought I read here (sometime back) that if the bottle has a W on the bottom, then Warren made the oil. Recently I had a question about Super Tech (Air compressor) oil and couldn't get an answer from W-M. The bottle had a W on the bottom, so I emailed my question to the Warren company. Their response is that they don't MFG Super Tech oil. So who does?
There've been a few postings in the UOA section. The conventional stuff seems to be good for at least 5,000 mile OCIs - just like other conventionals. The only problem with SuperTech motor oil is that WalMart doesn't promote "image" by packaging it in <i>macho</i> designer bottles with hex-head caps, scent the product with extract of fruity candy, or spend lavishly on TV ads touting their motor oils' use at Le Mans, Indianopolis, the Pike's Peak Hill Climb, the annual Soap Box Derby, and as original factory lube for Schuco clockwork car repros, Cracker Jacks clicker toys, etc.
I sent an e-mail to wpp the other day, about the super tech high mileage. I have not had a responce yet.
Originally posted by Zaedock: My gut tells me it's re-bottled syn blend.
I thought so to but the msds sheets are different.
That brings up a good question. What is the difference between "High milage" oils and regular motor oils?
OK, so who actually manufactures the Oil? I already tried the Wal Mart link. Zilch info on Super Tech oil that I could find.
The oil is formulated and blended by Warren Performance Products or WPP, a third party blender/bottler/labeler. (J.D. Streett is also in the same type of business). Warren Oil and WPP are two different companies according to my info.
The confusion is likely the result of the name, "Warren". Warren Oil Company (acquired Coastal not too long ago) makes a number of house brands including Autozone's and Advance Auto's. However, an entirely unrelated company, Warren Performance Products, also makes a number of house brands including Sears Spectrum and SuperTech. It sounds like you contacted the "wrong" Warren. WPP is one of the largest independent oil blenders in the U.S. In addition to blending motor oils, WPP also is a wholesale distributor for various automotive procucts - not just lubricants, either. WPP also has a blow-mold facility to make the familiar HDPE bottles we buy our motor oil in. Not unexpectedly, WPP oils come in WPP bottles - identified on their bottom with a "W" and two smaller "P"s. WPP supplies raw bottles to other blenders, too.
So what's the scoop on Super Tech quality as compared to usual premium oils (IE: Pensoil, Quakerstate etc).
Originally posted by Fatstrat: So what's the scoop on Super Tech quality as compared to usual premium oils (IE: Pensoil, Quakerstate etc).
I have been using both the WPP and Exxon/Mobile versions of ST for years and like them. They perform just as well as any other SM rated oil in everyday driving.
I agree with Zaedock. As long as you dont try to do any crazy drain intervals the super tech will do just fine. We ran super tech 5w30 in a 3.0L acclaim from 60000 up to 189000 miles and the engine ran great and only used a half a qt in 3000 miles.
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