Who makes Napa oil?

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May 28, 2002
I am not planning on using this oil, but I know someone who does. Does anyone know who makes Napa oil? I did a search on the internet but all I kept coming up with was the Napa Valley oil, not interested in that. Thanks, Steven
I have used it. It says on the bottle that it it Ashland oil. The Napa guys say it is the same as Valvoline. I have a hard tome believing it is the same as their all climate. Ashland makes more than all climate, so how do you know what you are getting. I have used the 10w-30 and it worked excellent. It was $.99 /qrt everyday price. I just wasn't sure what blend of valvoline i got. All climate, all fleet ect. I heard that bulk oils are from the bottom of a barrel and are not as good as the "name brand" stuff.
Originally posted by matt cook: it is the same as Valvoline all-climate - go to the NAPA Website and call up their motor oil, then click MSDS...
[Smile] [Smile] I had the same question, just tried it and found this on the Napa website: MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET The Valvoline Company Page 001 Date Prepared: 01/14/02 Date Printed: 06/02/03 MSDS No: 505.0170829-014.004 ALL CLIMATE MOTOR OIL SAE 10W30 __________________________________________________________________________ 1. CHEMICAL PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION Material Identity Product Name: ALL CLIMATE MOTOR OIL SAE 10W30 SAP Material No: NP75130 General or Generic ID: PETROLEUM BASED-LUBRICATING OIL Company Telephone Numbers The Valvoline Company Emergency: 1-800-274-5263 P.O. Box 14000 Lexington, KY 40512 Information: 1-859-357-7206
I have delivered bulk plastic to the company that makes the oil bottles in Cincinnati, OH, and the foreman there said that NAPA, Carquest, Speedway and several other brands that I can't remember are Valvoline. The Valvoline bottles are made there, too. He said that the off brand oil comes from the same bulk container as Valvoline. So to make a long story short, if you use Valvoline, save your bux and get the store brand, 'cause it's the same thing.
This if off topic but seeing the bottle reminder me of what I found in a dumpster several years back. We were doing an aerial mapping GPS survey for US-2 near Niagara Wis. Anyhow, we needed to gain access to an impounded area where the solid waste transfer facility was located just across border in Mich. As we were waiting for the boss to come back we noticed these big rolls sticking out of a dumpster. Walked over to find a 3 ft wide x ?L x 2 ft diameter roll of product labels for Tide soap bottle, Milers beers, Red Dog Beer and others I can' recall. The paper plant in Niagara made them and these were overage.. Once of the guys asked a worker if he could take some for wallpaper for his den, guy said NO WAY. We were told to not let anyone get their hands on this stuff or we would be looking for new jobs. btw-the roll weighed a ton.
Speedway and Superamerica oils should be oils made by Valvoline, seeing as how all are divisions of Ashland Oil! It would only make sense! Now are they exactly the same? Only way to know is to test em.
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