Who makes Mopar motor oil?

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Aug 18, 2002
I just took the Jeep to a different dealer for a free oil change promotion and they use Mopar 10w-30 oil. Who makes this? It is in a black bottle that says "Mopar Motor Oil 10w-30". Thanks in advance!
For a long time it was XOM which is a arrangement that XOM has with GM. I have read that Chrysler and SOPUS had signed a contract for SOPUS to supply Mopar branded fluid's but who knows now that Fiat has a controlling interest in Chrysler now.
My brother works for Chrysler. It is Pennzoil. They use platinum or ultra for the synthetic changes also. Gear lube, and transmission fluid is Valvoline. My bro also said, they carry Rotella triple protection. And everything comes in the big 55 gallon drums that says, premium conventional, platinum, or ultra. Hope that helps, Christopher
Confirmed its Pennzoil. If you look at the quality of base stock and additive package I think its a very hard conventional to beat.
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