who makes Dayton tires?

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Nov 30, 2005
Hi I was just wondering who makes Dayton tires? I have found a good deal on them but I don't want to buy some crap tires. Thanks in advance.
FWIW, I don't think Dayton tires are really crappy, but I don't think they're a good buy at typical Firestone store prices. But if I could get them cheap, and they had decent specs, I'd give them a try.
FWIW, I put 68,000 mi on a set of Daytona Radial SR's (275/60R15) so they are not crappy tires. Decent handling, wet traction, etc.

Originally posted by wantin150:
Jimbo, I stand corrected. I was actually thinking of the Futura line. My bad.

Futura is made by Cooper mainly.

On Dayton's, the use the Bridgestone technologies typically and keep the price lower to meet the price point of some consumers. I owned a set on a very old Civic and was quite happy with them. Superior in the wet which can be a generalization for Bridgestone tires.
Thanks everyone! I will look to see if that offer is still good. A local shop had a special for 4 Daytons for my 96 ranger mounted and balanced for 270. Not bad! I dont really have to get new tires right now but mine are not in the best of shape and have about 4 plugs in them due to the fact I had my roof redone and they left behind a ton of nails!

You can get what plant made the tire you're looking at if you can get the DOT code off the sidewall.

I personally thought Daytons were made by Goodyear and named after their headquarters in Dayton Ohio but could be wrong...


Originally posted by eljefino:

I personally thought Daytons were made by Goodyear and named after their headquarters in Dayton Ohio but could be wrong...

You are thinking of Kelly-Springfield tires, which was based in nearby Springfield, Ohio and now owned by Goodyear and marketed/sold as a low end brand. Dayton was bought out years ago by Firestone before the Bridgestone merger and sold as a budget brand as well. Neither company makes tires locally in the Dayton - Springfield area (the only local tire company is Cooper's big warehouse south of Dayton).

Ditto on most Futura being rebranded Coopers. Some are current makes just relabelled, but some are old discontinued tires such as the old Trendsetter with a traction rating of B.

If these Dayton tires are rebranded current Bridgestones, then these tires are a bargain. If they are based on ten year mediocre Firestone casing then probably not.
Daytons are made by bridgestone. They are a good bargin. Bridgestones without the extra technology. Most still have the UNI-T technology
Dayton has been a generic Firestone for years. Maybe since first produced, don't know don't care. No idea if they're built in Firestone or Bridgestone plants, my guess is they're all intermingled. Do know after 30 years in the tire business as a vast generalization,, Dayton's hold up, Bridgestone's hold up, Firestone do not hold up. I don't sell any of the three. Actually would feel confident about selling Brigs or Daytons though, just don't have a source.

I put a set of Dayton Timberline HTs on my wife's Expedition about 18 months ago. They were a fraction of the price of the Michelins I bought for my work vehicle. I like them a lot. Consumer Reports rated them in the top 5 for SUV tires and they really handle well on wet pavement.

I think they are a good value in a tire. They are made my Bridgestone/Firestone. I would recommend them to anyone.
I ran Dayton HR4's on my '97 Maxima for several years (they were on it when I bought it). Their wet grip was impressive. Dry grip was what I had expected from a high performance all season. I personally put 30,000 miles on them before replacing them (with Potenze RE750's), and I don't know what the previous owner had on them. When it was time to replace them, I tried to locate new ones but was unsuccessful (pre-BITOG, so I didn't know they were Bridgestone/Firestone). So I got the Potenza RE750's, which are downright impressive summer tires (but can't handle even light snow. Don't ask how I know this...). I am currently going to replace those today with Avon Tech M550 A/S because I can't afford the Potenzas, and I need A/S capability. The Potenza's have lasted right at 30,000 miles, and have actually been my favorite tires of all I've ever used.
Based on several hundred excellent reviews on the Avons, I'm looking forward to thrashing, I mean, trying them out.

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