Who makes a good blend oil?

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Feb 28, 2003
Cajun Country, La.
97F150,4.2V6,95K miles I'm considering a blend oil. Who makes a good blend? Valvoline,Castrol,Mobil,Pennzoil...etc? Does anyone really know the dino to synthetic ratio of blends?
Syntec Blend has had great UOAs. You gotta like the ACEA A3 cert on the 10w-40 and your V8 should be happy with the thickness. Maybe a 5w-30 if it is cold. 5 quarts for <$11. Oh, Schaffer's Blend is about the best if you want to go that route.
Mobil is the only counter oil that uses PAO these days when technicaly speaking of Synthetic Blends . Many oils have blended basestocks these days but are not advertised as such . Just a short list of good oils based on analysis posted here for your Ford and where you live among others would be Motorcraft 10/30 - great TBN retention 1.33 a quart Q-State 4x4 Blend Mobil 10/30 Blend Pennzoil 10/30 High Mileage Castrol 10/30 GTX High Mileage - Great TBN retention
For the blends, Schaeffer Supreme 7000 is easily the best you can buy. For OTC blends, Castrol Syntec Blend is extremely good.
I have heard and read on nationally syndicated auto talk shows and in newspapers, that a person can just top off their reg oil change with a quart or 2 of synthetic, and you will be putting more synthetic in your car than you would by just buying blended oil. They say reg oil and syn oil are compatable and improves overall quality. But say it would be better to use the same weight and brand, though. I have done this in the past, and still do on a couple of my cars. I think some on this board are against this idea, though. [I dont know] Ronnie
I second the vote for Schaeffers. Take a look at the specs and some of the UOAs with it, I'm sure you'll agree its top shelf stuff. Site sponser Tim Mills has made it easy to get even small quantities of Schaeffer products.
I guess it depends. I think some of the blends are way overpriced for what you actually get. I also think Scheafer's stands way over any OTC blend. It's NOT cheap, just like Amsoil ya gotta order it, etc. Blueoval - maybe I missed it, by why do you think you need a blend? For pretty much anything under 5K the good dino's will serve you well. What weight are you considering? All that said - AND HIGHLY DISCOURAGED ON BiTOG - I will be starting my homemade blend test soon. Pennzoil LL and Amsoil 15W-40 50%/50% mix.
Pablo,I presently use Chevron Supreme 10W30. I do alot of reading here and see alot of people using synthetics and blends.But,if I go to a blend I want to know how much synthetic oil is in it. I can very well add my own amount of synthetic if there is very little in a blend.Thats what i'm tryi ng to avoid tho.
I think Eastexan nailed it, most OTC blend oils don't give you very much synthetic oils in their blends. I'm not saying technically this is a bad thing from a well made oil point of veiw, but for that brown or black thing stuffed with green stuff stuck to your b*tt, these OTC blends are a ripoff. I think many blends have 5% or less synthetic. I am making a 50/50 test, to see what it buys me. But I can't really recommend topping up to make a blend. There are several weaknesses to this, not the least of which is the fact that even if you end up with a great performing oil, you never are quite sure what the ratios are. I will mix, and store (for topping up) my own blend. I guess 50/50 is pretty dumb stupid for me to control, just pour half of each in after oil drain, new filters, remote and cooler line clearing. But, to keep it real lab like I'll blend carefully on a very clean bench in new (large) containers. Then just pour the oil in (and prefill the filters [Cool] )
Originally posted by Pablo: All that said - AND HIGHLY DISCOURAGED ON BiTOG - I will be starting my homemade blend test soon. Pennzoil LL and Amsoil 15W-40 50%/50% mix.
Pablo, I"m curious why you're mixing two different brands. Why not try the PZ LL with the PZ synth? There's not many PZ synth UOAs here but plenty of Amsoil to be had. It would be interesting to see your results either way...
Well maybe because I'm an Amsoil dealer [Big Grin] I guess really I want the good old Amsoil PAO base with a good dino add pack (and good group II base) of Pennzoil. I have less than 1000 miles to go on the current oil (straight Amsoil 15W-40).
The Schaeffers Supreme 7000 stuff is excellent - especially their 15w-40 blend, which is very similar to the Amsoil "PCO", 15w-40 blend .... TS
I wrote:
I guess really I want the good old Amsoil PAO base with a good dino add pack (and good group II base) of Pennzoil.
I forgot to add..........at a reduced purchase price from straight Amsoil.
Without over-thinking this, perhaps 10%-20% "synth" is enough to positively affect the properties of a normal dino-based oil. I have used this approach in some older cars that do not need synth, but get used in very cold or very hot conditions. A few years ago, DuraBlend solved the consumption problems in my family cars that I pay for oil service on, so I had a favourable experience. Shucks, I still have 30+ bottles of that SJ Superflo Semi-Synth and I will probally still add more synth to it, probally M1 10w-30 because it has esters and the least VIIs. Maybe BC would be good to spice it up too.
Although only avaialable in Canada, I think that OW30 Pennzoil Long Life is an excellent blend. This is a group II+ and PAO blend, with a HDEO additive package. According to the MSDS, it looks like the oil has more synthetic base stock than dino base stock (45-55% vs 25-35%). My daily driver has this oil in it currently and I have noticed a huge improvement in cold weather starts (we have had temps in the -30F range lately). It also is fairly thick for a 30 weight oil with viscosity of 11.8 cSt 100C. All this and at the same price as other lesser OTC blends on the market. I think I am going to run this oil year round this car. Take a look at the oil specs here: http://www.pzlqs.com/Tech/Pdsheet/International/Canada/Pennzoil/English/EngineOils/pdf/LongLife0W30.pdf Here is the MSDS: http://www.pzlqs.com/MSDS/014/014380.pdf [ January 10, 2004, 05:37 PM: Message edited by: Oldswagon ]
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