Who Is Running Amsoil Series 3000 5W30?

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My dad's sebring is liking it. Bearing wear is down compared to the valvoline maxlife he was using. The recent UOA shows it's cleaning up the engine. Metal and silicon are higher, but not by enough to worry about. The cost is a little high, but doesn't bother me or him. His drain intervals are currently 8k and on the next oil change (which I have to go do today) I think I'll sample at 5k and then decide if I should go to 10k. A lot better/cheaper than the quick lube place.
Hi darkdan- I remember seeing the UOA on the Sebring with MaxLife. I was piqued because it has the same basic engine as the Stratus and Cirrus, a Mitsubishi 2.5L 24V V6, which I gather wears rather well. What are you finding? Is the bearing wear the only thing of concern? Are you going to be able to post the UOA from it? Thanks! Owatonna...that's not too far from here. Nice town!
Nice town? You've never been here! The 4k HDD UOA is posted in the UOA forum. Really not looking to reduce any one certain metal or anything. Just did a few UOA to prove to my dad that going over 3k won't ruin his engine instantly. Jiffylube really beat that into him.
I wanted to bump this up bc I think this is an over looked oil for those that really want to extend drains. S3k is Amsoil's most advanced oil they make. It can be used for gasoline and Dsl engines. I don't think this oil will thicken as much as the other grades. I did read at one time that Amatuzio uses this oil in his own car. For whatever thats worth.
Dad sold his sebring to his GF. Therefore, my caring about the car has stopped. =) She's really beat on that car. The whole thing is a giant ash tray now. =( I didn't get to take the 8k to 10k sample I wanted to. So I didn't get a chance to form an overall opinion of the oil. I did switch back to only purchasing ASL. I figured the garage was getting a little insane with ASL, ATM, HDD, and most recently some TSO. =)
buster, I have to admit that the only oils below 10W30 I would ever consider useing in anything I own make up a short list. 1)S3K 5W30 2)Synergen 3W30 LTS 3)Redline 5W30 So I agree S3K is a great oil! It is really the only Amsoil product I would use other then the Power Foam, PI and their Alison Castrol ATF substitute!
I've switched a number of long term (10+ years) local customers over to the Series 3000, 5w-30.... I'm starting with customers who run large displacement V-8s and/or have known problem engines like the 3.0L toyota V-6s that really beat up the oil. I'm specifically looking to improve on the results I'm seeing with the Series 2000, 0w-30 in some of these severe service and short trip applications. The next oil I'm testing in my Audi TT for 10,000 miles will be the Series 3000, 5w-30. Based on that data I may begin recommending this as the primary Amsoil product to use in all these four cylinder turbo engines from VW/SAAB/Subaru.... TS
I put the S.3000 in my 2004 GMC 4X4 Z71 E.Cab PU with 5.3L engine. Why? No special reason, just because the truck cost $38g and I wanted to try the best. How well does it perform? No comment, only been in there for 7 months and 4000 miles, truck sat from Dec to Mar as I have a '92 4x4 to drive in winter, they (MDOT) salt roads nearly daily here.
Hey guys, my first post!!! I got 04 WRX and I did the factory break in for about 1K miles. After that, I switched to Amsoil Series 2000 0W-30. I've been running on it for about 4K miles now and I am seeing oil consumption. The last time I checked the oil, it looks like I lost about 0.5 quarts of oil in a span of about 1K miles. Now, I know this isn't that much but I read of people not loosing any so I want to achieve that as well. I have several thoughts on this: 1. When is the best time for me to check oil level? Maybe my method is not reliable. I check after the car sits overnight and without starting the motor. I heard some check after letting the car idle for a few mins and once it is warmed up. I've actually been searching around this forum for the last couple of days in respect to my car and some mentioned the stab method. 2. I am considering going to their 10W-40 and see if I get better results. From what I read, I am begining to think 0W-30 is too thin for my turbo. What do you think? 3. My oil consumption seemed to have gotten worse now that the outside temps are rising. I am in MA so when I got the car in January, it was 0F out and now we're in the 50s. Coincidence? Any info you guys can provide will be much appreciated. Thanks!!!
You should wait at least 5000-6000 miles before using Amsoil in ANY new gas engine and you'll never have an oil consumption problem. For a diesel engine pickup you should wait at least 10,000 miles.... My 225 Hp, Audi TT only uses about 1/4 quart every 3000 miles with the Series 2000, 0w-30...Forget this nonsense about running a PAO/ester based synthetic in a brand new motor. Redline advises against this and I agree 100% with them. Do I care that some cars come with synthetic from the factory??? H--- NO!!! This is done mainly for MARKETING reasons and not engineering concerns for the most part. The brand new Porsche 911 that Car and Driver used for a 40,000 mile test - in the current issue - comes with Mobil 1, 0w-40. They added 5.5 quarts of Mobil 1, 0w-40 during a 40,000 mile test (w/ 15k change intervals). This is completely unacceptable to me in an $88,000.00 vehicle! TS
Very interesting. So, I am in a bind then. It appears I did not break my car in properly even though Subaru tells me 1k is the break-in period. I can either: a) switch back to conventional and see if I can get the rings to seal properly b) go ahead with thicker oil and see what happens. I was thinking Mobil 10W-40 Extended Performance or Amsoil 10W-40 c) do nothing and see where this takes me in hope that the car will eventually break in and stop taking oil I've been reading for hours on this and opinions vary like new england weather. My gut feeling tells me to go with thicker oil and see what happens. Is going back to dino even an option?
I am running it in a low mileage 2000 Ford Excursion diesel. Only 2000 miles in the last 9 months so I wont be changing it out anytime soon. The injectors seem to like it better than the 15w40 Amsoil I was running. That run went 13k miles in 20 months. I drained it out because of foaming in the injectors. The vehicle currently has about 21k miles on it in almost 5 years of use so I can't tell you much. I will probably use it in my gasser and mother-in-laws civic after the 0w30 runs its course in each just to simplify purchasing. I am looking forward to seeing what Amsoil does to its oils when they are reformulated this spring/summer.
Hi, it MUST be really good - MB have it on their MB229.3 Approved Oils List. This is a class endorsement IMHO There are two others there too Ted, your 5w-30 "Synthetic Motor oil" and 10w-30 "Synthetic" On the MB229.5 Approved Oils List, Amsoil Synthetic 5w-40 European Engine Oil appears Regards Doug
I never quite understood why Amsoil didn't spend more money promoting their oils? They make top quality products and probably could do much better if they paid for more advertising in big racing events/magazines/commercials etc. Are they that small of a company?
Buster- Compared to ExxonMobil and some of the others, they are definitely a small company. AMSOIL is spending more money on advertising, but in niche markets--snowmobiles, motorcycles, outboards, trucks, farm. Not a lot of percentage in banging heads with the big boys---$15 mill to sponsor a NASCAR racer is out of sight. A very small company, but probably second only to Mobil in production of synthetics. Got to keep in mind that synthetic users are still a very small minority.
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