who has the car with the highest number of miles

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Aug 26, 2009
I have a 93 corolla with 302000 miles. It is my every day driver. I have other newer cars ,but I drive this one. I've had her over 6 years. I was wondering if all you bitog's out there that brag about how well you treat your engines and spend all this money on super oils , ever get to realize what the purpose of doing all this maintenance is all about. That would be to have a car last well beyond what the average car lasts or if you're just playing the old American , I am better than you game. So put your engines where your mouth and wallet are and lets see the rides. This is your current vehicles , not your uncles cousins Chevy or the car you drove in high school.
A guy I work with has a 5.4 in an e-250 with over 550000 miles on the engine and still going. I know another guy that put just over 500000 on a 4.6 in a crown vic before replacing it, cracked a head and was burning coolant.
Go over to Allpar.com,there are a bunch of Chrysler group vehicles with well over 200K and some with nearly a million.
Even though I've never taken a vehicle beyond 132K (my current Buick Century) I love reading these threads just to know the potential. I only put about 12 to 15K per year on a car so I would have it for over 20 years to reach those kind of miles....life's too short to drive the same car for 20 years, IMO.
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