Who has experience with Schaeffer in their car?

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Mar 28, 2009
North Dakota/Minnesota border
I am interested in the possibility of changing over to Schaeffer 7000 5W-30 in my passenger car. Does anyone have any long term experience with this oil after long term usage, say 50,000+ miles?

I'm interested in knowing if any mechanically adapt people out there (not me, that's for sure) saw clean engines with Schaffer after many miles. Or does is gunk up in the long term.

Just ask'n.

Ive used schaeffer's 7000 for a number of years now in my truck, and it stays clean and operating well.

I also am running 9000 5w-40 in my BMW and my wife's VW. The BMW is clean and excellent running - but does seem to tick a second longer at cold startup in the winter than it did historically with rotella.
It's good oil from all I have read on this board. They also sponsor the board.

Also they have a video somewhere where they tore down a ford V8 engine after 500K Miles and it was spotless inside and in excellent shape.
I've had 7000 5w30 and 9000 5w30 and 7000 15w40 in my Sienna - all sadly for not near the OCIs I wanted due to non-oil related consumption. So I can't say much for long term use, however I read some Schaeffer UOAs some time ago, and I've read many a post on Schaeffer - and I'd say their reputation on BITOG is excellent (including being very highly acclaimed by the highly acclaimed Terry Dyson).
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TooManyWheels - what was your typical OCI ?

Normally in the 5 to 6K region. Some people consider it an extended drain oil, some don't. I never tried to stretch it, because there was a line of thought that the Toyota 3.4 was a little hard on oil.

I picked Schaeffers because of the higher HTHS number, to resist supposed break down by the chain drive for the cams. I remember comparing my UOAs to others from that same engine and that, for comparable intervals for Mobil 1 (and any other oil), it held it's own.
I've been running Schaeffer's in the family fleet for several years. Everything looks clean except the the usual brown staining in the pores of the aluminum castings. No sludge, varnish, or crud of any kind when looking at the camshafts and area visible down the oil filler.

Here's a representative analysis of the syn blend 5W-30 after 10,018 miles:
Iron--16 ppm
Oxidation--.04 (Staveley's scale)
"No corrective action required."

I continue to use Schaeffer lubes in everything...cars & pickup, mowers, generator, snow blower, motorcycle. I'm now using the 5W-40 full syn in the turbo Volvo* and the air cooled summer equipment, 5W-30 full syn in the other car & pickup plus the air cooled winter equipment, 20W-50 syn blend in the motorcycle and one mower that runs really hot (will switch to 5W-50 full syn when the 20W-50 is gone). One subjective note--when switching to Schaeffer's 20W-50 syn blend in a used motorcycle, after a few miles, the engine just feels and sounds like it is running more freely. I've had this happen twice; one cycle had 10W-30, the other 10W-40.

*Latest analysis of the 1996 Volvo 850 turbo with 165,000 miles on it showed the 5W-40 at 9000 miles to be in excellent condition, "retest at 11,000 miles." I changed it at 10k just to keep the intervals even.
I use it now in everything. I got started on it with the GTO. Results beat the heck out of everything else we tried. Now run it in my Mercedes/Silverado/G6. Just an excellent oil and surprisingly cost reasonable.
I am also curious of long term results, i've been using schaeffers for almost a year and i'm thinking of buying a 30 gallon drum of either 9000 5w30 or 7000 5w30. Anyone with high miles using schaeffer please post.
Thanks all for the great responses!
I will forge ahead on the road oiled by Schaeffer!


p.s. My Harley really really likes the Schaeffer 7000 20W-50. I've run that bike for 40,000 miles with Mobil-1 V-Twin or Harley's Syn3 and I know what its capabilities as well as limits are and with this Schaeffer oil in the engine those limitations have been nixed. I know when the motor would have normally lugged or pinged a bit but now it powers its way right through - sweet!
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