Who has a car that does not use oil?

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None of my current cars use any oil. The Lincoln may drop a smidge but not enough to add. The truck I sold my son, now has 205,000. He changes oil every 5,000 miles and he says it uses no oil. I did have cars that used oil and it bothered me. I bought a 1990 Mercury Couger brand new, used a quart of oil between changes. Had a Oldsmobile Intrigue it used about a quart every 2000 miles.
Nothing noticeable for my current cars. I had a 99 Saturn that drank oil like crazy, though. Still miss that little car.
1996 Mustang GT, around 140k miles and doesn't use a drop. Oh it used to, about half a quart per tank of oil- replacing the valve stem seals took care of that a few years back though.
Current 3 vehicles, Camry, Escape, Tucson, I've never added for the OC duration to either. None ever gets more than 1/4 qt low during the run. Typical 5k OCIs, conventional.
All engines must consume some oil by design. Some oil must make it all the way to the top ring just to lubricate and seal it against the bore and some oil must get all the way down the valve guides for the same reason. People who claim that their engines don't use a drop are kidding themselves. In my book, as long as the oil level stays within the range between full and add on the dipstick for whatever OCI I've decided upon, then that would qualify as nil consumption. Oil consumption is one of those dirty little secrets of car ownership that too many people want to pretend they don't have with their cars. Consumption is also typically low enough that owners can ignore it between trips to the quicky lube, which is what 99% of owners do since they regard their cars as no more than useful appliances. If you have to add oil, no big thing. Just check it and add as needed. For the record, most of the cars we've had over the past thirty years or so needed no adds between drains.
318ti- 1 quart every 2k-3k miles X3- 1/2 quart every 10k miles 328i- 1 quart every 8k miles M235i- less than 1/4 quart every 10k miles Wrangler- hard to tell; I change it annually and drive it less than 2k miles in 12 months No complaints.
Our Honda Ridgeline and Toyota Corolla don't use any appreciable amount of oil. Our Odyssey uses maybe 1/2 a quart every 5000 miles (which is its OCI). The Saturn, on the other hand, well, that's another story entirely. It uses about 1 qt every 1500 miles.
My parent's Prius uses 1/2 quart every 2000ish miles, it's seen PP or M1 most of its life. OTOH the LS400 and Sienna uses none beyond normal burnoff.
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My 2000 Corolla's 1zzfe with 445000 kms doesn't seem to be using any oil. Judging by what I've read of other people's experience with their own 1zzfe's that seem to use a lot of oil, mine seems unusual. Is it one of those cases where it's a problem if it's not using oil I wonder?
I think in my family, there were 2 cars that used oil. A 1995 Accord with many miles on it. Valvoline Maxlife solved the problem. A 2003 Chrysler T&C van that would need 1 quart of oil added between changes.
350,000 kms on my 1998 4Runner with the 3.4L 5VZFE and no noticeable oil consumption in between changes. Did a UOA and it came up pretty much perfect.
My civic goes down 1 qrt at about 3750 in mostly short tripping city , tend to switch and mix oils often esp when I add. I need to keep it the same for 2 ocis and topping off just to see if things chnage
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We just returned from a 3,200 mile trip in our STS (3.6 engine). When I left the oil had about 2,000 miles on it and the oil level is still at the full mark after our return. Neither the 1999 Dakota or our 2006 Durango use any noticeable amount of oil between oil changes. The pickup gets changed every 12-18 months and the Durango gets changed twice a year-both regardless of mileage.
Currently three vehicles that don't use any oil during 5K OCI's. 88 E-150, 08 Jeep Liberty, 2016 Jeep Wrangler.
Sig car never shows any consumption even at track days. At 104k miles now. The only truck we own that uses oil is an 06 3500 Savana service van with 200k miles on her. No smoke or drips, but it can use a quart between OLM designated changes at around 4400 miles and many hours of stationary operations at 1500 or 1750 rpm...
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