Who has 200K+ and what oil and maintenance did you

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Dec 12, 2006
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Who has more than 200K on a vehicle and what oil and schedule maintenance was used? Also what type of driving was done?finally it would be interesting if anyone has pictures of their engine valve train or other internals,to go along with their story. Thanks
I had 197k on my 92 Toyota commuter truck before someone ran a red light last summer and totaled the thing

To be honest, I wasn't the best at maintenance with that truck. Many times I'd let the oil go for longer than I should have, and many times I'd just change the oil and leave the filter on. Never used anything but what was on sale, and never used synthetic in it either. Air filter? What air filter? lol

I never changed the timing chain in it, it just kept running. No doubt, it was the most dependable, trouble free rig I've ever owned. That 22R engine was a great engine, I loved it. The way I treated it could be considered abuse, and it never once faltered.

It makes me giggle now when I think about how I'm fussing so much about my new truck, what oil, when to change, etc. It's almost embarrassing.
dad's previous 88 323 EFI 1.6 got nothing but 5kkms/oci treatment with whatever brand name conventional oil onsale and by the time it was total (rear-ended by an explorer), it got in excess of 265,000kms to odo.

That B-6 block never burns any oil and still past our annual provincial emissions testing with flying colours.


Dad's current 7th gen civic is also running with all sorts of conventional brand name oil (no cheep dollar store oil for sure) and it's doing it per OLM (typically 7kkms). It got 129,000kms since purchased new to replace that 323 and still running like a champ....we'll see how far this one will go.

I have 206k on a '96 explorer 4.0. I changed oil every 3k miles for the first 100k. Then from 100k-200k changed oil between 4-5k miles. Was my wifes commuter in bumbper to bumper traffic(verranzano Bridge during rush hour) Other than a rebuild on a transmission at 140k nothing really wrong with it. Keep it clean inside and out, and it probably will go another 100-200k as it doesnt burn or leak oil if We dont tire of it.

Any name brand oil with fram or ST filter
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1983 oldsmobile custom cruiser 5.0 v8 307
car looks like [censored] has 390,000 close to 400,000 car was babied most of its life had it since 1990 with 80,000 oil was always changed every 3000 miles or before. oil used was and still is pennzoil 10w40 with a/c oil filter as long as i owned it previous owner had it dealer serviced.. Most of the miles are highway went through 3 transmissions 4 alternators 2 exaust systems 1 carb. axle bearings and a couple of minor front end parts springs and shocks car still drives good a/c has to be charged every summer.
Also for a number of years car was used to haul heavy weight sometimes 400-800 pounds of steel
We have a customer that gets his 99 chevrolet full size van in near showroom condition that has over 340,000 miles serviced here with conoco phillips 5w30 and group 7 oil filter (purolator) still runs good.
Then you have my next door neighbor that has a 2003 mercury grand marquis with just under 200,000 miles and changes his oil here only once a year using our conoco 5w20 and it srtill runs quiet
My dads '94 Dodge Caravan with a 3 litre Mitsubishi engine has 200K Miles on it using the cheapest dino oil he can find with changes at about 6K miles and an Orange can filter and it still runs pretty good.

Leaks a bit of oil and still passes the emission tests every 2 years. He makes me question my Amsoil decision all the time.

I'm going for 300K Miles on my truck!
1991 Ford F150 with a 5.0 300,000+ with PYB 10w30. Always used Motorcraft parts. Thats the longest I have owned a vehicle from new.
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232,000 just last week.

Amsoil = 10-12K changes

Then, Delo 400- 15-40 5K

Then, Pennsoil Platnium 5K changes and still going strong.

This was a Dodge 3.8 Liter engine of 94 vintage.
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285,000 miles on a 1985 Volvo turbo. 10,000 mile OCI's. Amsoil. The top end was spotless, never opened the bottom end up.

At what mileage Amsoil started in the car?
267,000 on a 96 S10

Mobil 1 5w20 every 7500 give or take, Napa gold filters.

Never touched anything but pulleys and cap/rotor enginewise.

4.3 V6
197K on a 98 Ford Escort ZX2 2.0L Zetec.
3K OCI on regular dino, 5W-30 and 10W-30.
Original transmission - 30K fluid exchanges with Mercon/DexIII.
still running strong.
92 Olds Silhouette 3.8, 256K. QS 10w30 conventional, Rotella 15w40, 5K OCI.

Engine still smooth and strong. Four water pumps. Original alternator. Tranny going south. End of days at hand. :-(
My '88 Chevrolet pickup with a 350 has almost 207K. Bought it at 202K from a fellow who was running Amsoil in it. Currently I run Castrol 5w-30, and change it about once a year because it gets little use.
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Who has more than 200K on a vehicle and what oil and schedule maintenance was used? Also what type of driving was done?finally it would be interesting if anyone has pictures of their engine valve train or other internals,to go along with their story. Thanks

I've owned four Aerostars. The first three rusted away at about 250K miles. No engine or tranny work. My fourth currently has 150K miles and is still going. Mostly highway miles.
Previously had an '88 Cougar I purchased new and retired at 300K miles. New tranny at 200K, but no engine work. All the exterior stuff like windows and door handles just started to really give me problems. I normally use a different oil for each oil change, but recently bought a few cases of Trop-Artic that I caught on sale. Different brand of oil filter each time.
We have:

94 toyota previa 215k
96 MB E300D 210k
85 MB 300D 238k
83 MB 300D 228k

All but the toyota have original radiators. All have original, untouched ATs.

Not stressing cars by driving like an idiot that doesnt understand physics is the #1 maker of a long-lived car. AT fluid and coolant changes every 3yr/36k is smart, even with better fluids, and roughly 5000-7500 mile OCIs with gentle driving seem to work. Since learning about UOA, have been taking things out beyond 10k miles without issue... but we know what is going on inside.
""Who has 200K+ and what oil and maintenance did you""

1994 Ford bronco >200K when sold, used whatever oil I had avalible mostly 5w30,10w30 and 15/40
NO 20wts, no syns nothing special.

Most important always keep full,drians were 15-20K when I thought of it. Valve cover never off.
For every 200k OCD car there are 10 that have mixed/spotty service.

To know the right answers, you have to know the right questions.
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