Who accepts military discount?

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Nov 14, 2010
As I drove by my local Kragens, they are now O-Reillys. I generally hit up that Kragens for some parts, cleaning & wax supplies, misc stuff and they gave me a discount for being military retired. So just wonder who else honor's a military discount. Also have AZ & NAPA close by - wonder if they do.
AZ, Pep Boys and AAP over here do 10%. Sometimes depending on who is working at AAP they'll do 20%. Carquest and NAPA has 10% also.
Home Depot and Lowe's give a military discount for the Veterans Day sales. Otherwise....find a good Commissary and watch...you may get some great oil deals there than relying on stores in the civilian population.
I am retired military. Autozone, AAP, and Oreillys give 10% off. Lowes and Home Depot also 10% off everyday. Always ask at any other store. The worst they can say is NO.
Not real pleased with the trailer park comment. God Bless all Military Active and Vets. I think it would be a great thing if you Military men and Women had at least 10% on everything for the rest of your life, wouldn't be living in this great country without your honorable service. I will do some looking around on the net to see if I can find you some answers.
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Lowes gives a military discount to all active and retired military people. All the time. On a few days of the year they also give it to people who have just served and left the military (Veterans Day and Memorial Day). They cut back as corp. determined a whole lot of people were getting the 10% off.
Lowe's does it all year. You need to have the proper Veterans ID card or active military card. You will usually get a hassle if you only have discharge papers or some other form of ID. The cashier will have no problem but they need a manager to override it and they won't allow it without the proper ID. On Memorial and Veterans day, ANY form of ID works, discharge papers, other forms, even if it says Vet on your drivers license. Source: I work at Lowe's.
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