White House intruder makes it into building

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Well it is the people's house.

Your forgot to add it is supposed to be the people's house.

A few random facts about the White House.

Winston Churchill visited FDR in 1941 and the Prime Minister would spend most of his time in the White House nude.

Originally known simply as the Executive Office Building, the West Wing was built by Teddy Roosevelt to keep the residential and official business areas distinctly separate.

There is a twin White House in Ireland.

Andrew Jackson's supporters came to a party at the White House after he was elected. They broke dishes and stood on the furniture in their muddy boots.

Abraham Lincoln used to walk alone at night from the White House to the War Department to find out news about the Civil War.

Calvin Coolidge liked to sit outside at night to think and relax. But so many people stopped and pointed at him that he finally gave up and sat inside.
Ok ,,,now its time to go back to changing oil. This was no big deal, sign of the times, folks on cell phones playing video games, being on watch and responsible is out the window,,,just look at all the last botched raids and so on hearings going on, nothing is done right..............just saying.
Maybe the person was letting him know what a good job he is doing running our country ?

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More theater.

Gotta keep those sheep interested in war.

You realize if you asked the average American what the Islamic State is they would not even know and you could convince them it is a restaurant chain. More Americans would believe the lunar landings are a hoax than can tell you what the acronym of ISIS in Iraq means.

Then again you believe everything is plot to control the citizens of the world but never question the Putin funded propaganda that you derive the "facts" you cite.
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