Which wheels will give a softer ride??

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In most cases, that tire size is approved for a 6.5" to 7.5" wheel. I think 16x7 would be ideal.

16x6 will give more sidewall bulge and probably a much softer ride because of that. Handling probably won't be great though.

How about some 265/70R16's on those 16x8's? They're only 0.5% bigger in diameter.
I can but wasn't too enthused with having to buy new tires - only have 8-9k on the Revo's.

Can't find the 16x7 without paying $$$.

I was afraid of hearing that - harsher ride.

Thnks for the input.
16x6 steel wheels
16x8 alloy wheels (declared to be 7# lighter on all 4 corners then the smaller steel wheels)

Tires will be P245/75 R16
Aluminum alloy wheels will roll smoother/truer than a comparable steely. Stick with alloys if you can.
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