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Jan 22, 2003
Louisville, KY
Guys, I have a 97 F150 with a 4.6L engine. I have 78K miles and jhave been using primarily Mobil1 5W30 or 0W30 in the winter. It uses 0 oil between changes. After reading these forums I think I may be too thin. ( On the oil side [Smile] ) What is the prevailing recommendation on Mobil1 viscosity for my application? Our summers are typically in the 80-90 and humid. Winters typically in the 20's with spurts in the teeens and below. Thanks for the input. John
I think you're fine with the 5w30 or 0w30, but move up to 10w30 or even the 0w40 if it will make you sleep better at night. [Big Grin] However, I think you're wasting good oil by dumping it at 3000 to 3500 miles. Mobil 1 under your conditions will easily do 6000 to 7500. [ January 26, 2003, 07:05 PM: Message edited by: G-Man II ]
stay with the 5w-30! your engine doesnt need anything more then that. The mobil 1 does a good job. The only thing that i would suggest is possibly adding an oil cooler if you didnt get the towing package (normally comes with the package). The fords use a light weight for some reason but it works and lasts. If you dont have any problems dont change anything.
Originally posted by JBRIII: Avg 3k to 3.5k between changes. No towing
The 10/30 is my opinion and run the miles up to 6k or so.
If you arn't having any issues with the 5w30, then why change? I run 5w30 in both my 4.6l engines - one in a '97 the other a '99 F150. The 97 doesn't use drop between oil changes, and it has 156,000 miles on it now. IMHO, I wouldn't worry about 5w30 being too thin.
I have a friend who drives F150 4X4, new one every 4 yrs and sells his used ones outright. Said he's been doing this for almost 30 yrs and his trucks would usually be in tough shape before he starting using synthetic, Mobil and Amsoil the last 10 yrrs or so. Using 10W-30, changes every 10,000 miles (filter same) which is about 2x a year for him. Works construction, and the only days he's off in summer is Sundays. btw He got a 2002 Ford l and won't use any of the 5W-20 oils, still uses the 10W-30 he been using most his life. He is on his 3rd oil change and not one problem with the truck. He gets the oil from me.
If you stay with your current interval pattern, keep on with the 5w-30. It's what was originally recommended. If your truck had a problem with it, you'd very likely have to be adding oil between changes, or you'd know otherwise by now. Move up to a heavier weight when it gets to a mileage when it starts to use oil. [ January 29, 2003, 11:14 PM: Message edited by: YZF150 ]
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