Which viscosity Red Line oil for my trip to California?

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Apr 17, 2003
Wimberley, Texas
I will be taking a trip to California 3 weeks from today and I just can't decide which Red Line oil to use.It will take 4 days driving each way for 8 days total of solid driving(okay we are going to visit The Grand Canyon and some various relatives on the way).Once we get there we'll be staying for 3 weeks at one place(probably stop and go traffic every day), so my car's going to be in for quite a bit of driving (mostly highway though with some stop and go in between). You probably remember that I was going to use SynLube a while back, haven't done it yet, and I want to run Red Line polyolester oil for a while before I do it. 1995 Lincoln Town Car 137,000 miles: What I have done so far: High Mileage Auto-RX treatments with dino Currently running Red Line 10w30 with 3 oz. AutoRX I am using The Stratapore Fleetguard filter($15) Using SuperPlug drain plug magnet($30) Installed FilterMag filter magnet($60) I have 1,300 miles on the Redline oil right now I will change the current oil after next week's trip to Dallas and following week's trip to Louisiana(should have close to 3,000 miles on my first run of Redline oil when it gets changed before Cali). I live 20 miles south of Austin,Tx and the car never uses oil if that helps. Oh yeah, after spending $250 on the stuff above the car sounds and drives almost like NEW! The Redline oil in there now is still perfectly clean and healthy looking! Thanks for reading so far! Now I just need an opinion on which viscosity Redline for the Cali trip. Thank You for your help!! [Smile]
Maybe I'm missing something here but why exactly do you need to change your oil? I would think the oil should be good the whole distance. Run a UOA after the CA trip, if you are worried.
Well, I wanted to Change the Redline oil that I have in right now AFTER Dallas and Louisiana. By that time the Redline will have 3,000 miles on it.I have always heard to change your first run of Redline oil after 3,000 miles because of clean up of gunk and soft metal contaminates.That's why I especially want to change it before that huge trip. Thanks!
MrTCar, You are probably just fine keeping the current interval going until you finish all the trips you described; however, if you are like me, you will be more at ease knowing you have a fresh change before you start the long trip, especially if you hit some temps in the triple digits; if ease of mind is worth more to you than the cost of a premature change, I say change it out and then breathe easy!
I do not think it will matter much! 5w30,10W30, or 5W40 should all work just fine. If I had to pick I would choose 5W40. I have been wanting to see another Redline UOA for their 5W40! Remember Redline does not shear out of grade. One thing to consider is that your ambient temps are hot enough that you could use Redline 10W40 as well.
I would usually say change your oil after 3000 mile on you first run of synthetic...but ...you already cleaned out the garbage in your engine..so I say leave it in until you 're back from your trip...5000 should be noooo problem at all in a clean engine.
Mr Tcar, Am I correct in assuming you'll be hitting a lot of Southern CA? If so, I'd recommend the 5W-40 as it's still gonna plenty hot that time of year. Best wishes for a safe trip. Scott [ August 16, 2003, 02:17 AM: Message edited by: Scotto ]
Mr. T, I would normally agree, but since you did the high mile (2X) AutoRx treatment, the oil shouldn't have too much left to clean. I personally think that you wasted money on the Redline if you are only going 3K on it. I would have sold you Amsoil for under $5 qt and would have had no issues recommending it for the distance. As for vis and the car and the clinate, I would have said Amsoil 15W-40. Lastly - $90 worth of magnets and a $15 filter? Nothing personal, it's your money, but I get slammed daily for the price of my products....oh well [I dont know]
Pablo I agree with 100%. Seeing how he cleaned it out with Auto-Rx it does seem like a waste to change out so soon.
Mr. T, Congrats on having taken care of a nice ride. I agree above, at anywhere near legal speeds, that big V-8 won't touch the Redline oil under 5000 miles. Matter of fact, any oil [Big Grin] I'd angst more about the tranny, rear end, radiator and drive belts. Hey, how about some Redline power steering fluid?
Gee, I did somewhat of a reverse trip in Z06 Corvette Mobil One 5w-30, Mobil One ATF in the 6 speed transmission and Mobil One 75W-90 gear oil in the differential. I went from the San Jose, CA area down highway 5 to Las Vegas NV, with side trips to Hoover Dam and Death Valley CA. Bad Water area was a balmy 104 degrees. Dante's over look was 99 degrees! Went from Las Vegas NV to Sedona AZ and to Grand Canyon, Painted Desert AZ. and went to southern Utah to those natural arches to southern Co, Pagosa Springs. Side trips to Monument Valley, Mesa Verde, Santa Fe and Taos NM. Most of the trip was spent at XXX digit cruising speeds. I would have no problem changing the Redline at 12-15k mile intervals. Seems like a waste of good TBN to do it less than that. [ August 16, 2003, 07:22 PM: Message edited by: ruking77 ]
I'd use either 10w40 or 10w30. You won't be seeing any cold weather, so I don't see the reasoning for the 5w40.
Thanks for all the replies! The radiator,trans,belts,and rear end were all recently serviced so they should be fine.I need to check hoses and replace spark plugs besides work on the brakes before we go. I really need more opinions on 5w40 . Does this oil breakdown and cause wear faster because of the high viscosity index? The 10w30 and 10w40 would have less VI but the 10w40 may not flow very well in this engine and 10w30 may not be what I need for this trip. I will say one thing, if I would bring this up on any Crown Vic or Lincoln websites , I would be shouted down about how I just HAVE to use 5w30 or the engine would like [crushedcar] Anyway, Thanks for your help!
Right now I have ruled out using 10w40 (just too thick at start up MrT, don't forget that 10w-30 and 10w-40 are both 10 weights--same weight at startup.
Originally posted by Mr TCar: so my car's going to be in for quite a bit of driving (mostly highway though with some stop and go in between). [Smile]
Wishful thinking Mr TCar. You'll run into major stop and go driving at all major southern california freeways. You won't need 10w40 since it's still warm here. A good 10w30 would do. Drive safely and watch out for the state troopers along highway 40 on your way from the Grand Canyon. Give me a holler if you're in the Irvine/Orange County area. Good luck! [Smile]
Originally posted by YZF150: Right now I have ruled out using 10w40 (just too thick at start up MrT, don't forget that 10w-30 and 10w-40 are both 10 weights--same weight at startup.
Not true. Redline's 10w30 is 70cst at 40c, while their 10w40 is 98cst at 40c, so it's quite a bit thicker at startup temps in the summer (where the oil won't be too far off 40c).
Most cars are first started in the morning hours. If the temp is 40° in the morning, then he's driving on Mercury.
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