Which TV cooking shows do you watch?

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May 27, 2002
Canberra ACT Australia
Jamie Oliver (many), Rick Stein Seafood Odyssey, Food heroes, and Food Heroes Another Helping, Delia Smith many, Ainsley Harriott Big Cookout and others, Giorgio Locatelli's Pure Italian, Nick Nairn's Wild Harvest, Gary Rhodes Cookery Year, The Best starring Paul Merrett, Silvana Franco, and Ben O'Donoghue, Two Fat Ladies, French Leave and Return of the Chef, Antonio Carluccio's Italian Feast, and Southern Italian Feast, Surfing the Menu with Curtis Stone and Ben O'Donoghue, Simply Ming and whoa way to many more. OK we are food obsessive but in a good way I hope?
How could you list all those shows and not mention Good Eats (Alton Brown)?

TV cooking has sorta bored me out. Don't watch that much any more.

The two worst cooking shows? Emeril and The Naked Chef (or whatever Jamie calls his show now, sorry)
I like the Iron Chef, Rachel Ray and Good Eats. In the past I liked the Two Fat Ladies and Yan Can Cook.

There might be more good ones but the camera wiggling and extreem zoom make me sea sick and I have to go do something else.
I used to watch on occasion Jeff Smith, the Frugal Gourmet, but then he became a bit too frugal (molestation charges by his young, male assistant!
) and died after a couple years of shame. I've also watched Julia Child (She's the Hulk of cooking! "We want flavor!"), with or without Jacques Pepin. Yan Can't Cook is way to hyperactive for my taste. I mostly am too busy cooking or eating and don't have time to watch tv cooking shows. And guys, Rachel Ray's a mum, so hands (and dirty thoughts) off!
Jamies new show Olivers Twist is fantastic. Was on last night! Don't understand how anybody can't like this one?
I forgot Iron Chef, it's in a class of it's own.
I like the passion that Risck Stein and Nick Nairn put into their cooking, and thoroughly enjoy their shows. Similarly, Surfing the Menu is a good show.

Nigella is great also, the issue with the blood head in the freezer leaves me feeling a bit creeped out.

Iron chef I enjoy the creativity, but always looks rigged.

Jamie Oliver I love or hate, depending on the episode, but I like his programmes at the moment. He must have influence, as he'll cook a dish one week, and Huey is cooking it the next.

I severely dislike Ainsley, Gordan Ramsay, and that idjit Neal Perry.

Pablo, never seen "Good Eats"
Forgot my favourite Gordon Ramsay! Has more Michelin stars than any chef. Opening in NY and LA

The launch of London NYC/LA heralds the American arrival of British chef Gordon Ramsay, who is debuting a duo of dining and drinking venues at each of The London hotels. Already a culinary icon in Britain, this one-time professional soccer player comes to the U.S. at the height of his craft with seven Michelin stars (so far) to his name. At The London NYC/LA, Ramsay restaurants will take cues from their successful London counterparts—the legacy of the Gordon Ramsay flagship at Claridge's, the variety of his more casual Maze and Boxwood Café, the intimacy of his coveted Chef's Tables—accented with a distinct American vitality.
I'm an Alton Brown "good eats" kind of guy. I like to know how and why things cook a certain way. It's the same reason the only cooking magazine that appeals to me is Cooks Illustrated....
Believe it or not, we enjoy Emeril, but we have to admit he's a bit of a ham. The show Two Fat Ladies was excellent (if nothing else for its views of pretty English countryside) but it disappeared very quickly from American airwaves after one of the two died.

Likewise with The Frugal Gourmet: Jeff Smith's show quickly disappeared and his cooking books quickly went out of print after the molestation allegations, which he settled as a civil suit out of court. (OT: Yet another case of allegations made without any physical evidence, years and years after the fact. Think about that when you want the book thrown at accused molesters.) Smith has passed away as well.

THe current crop of cooking shows for the most part isn't that great in comparison, but there are a few exceptions. Yes, Iron Chef does look contrived. You have to admit that the dubbed voiceovers when the judges are sampling the dishes are somehow hilarious, however. Almost like MXC (a funny redo of Takeishi's Castle) on Spike TV!
Here's the main ones we have:

http://www.foodnetwork.com/ (click on the TV show line up drop down)

Plus about 5 other channels show some cooking shows.


Jamie and his wet sloppy speaking, funk technique and his sometimes uninspiring food does nothing for me. Nothing personal, it just doesn't click for me. Emeril and the "bam" and the music sheesh - how stupid. Rachel Ray is way too plain for me.
the best one was, " Cajun Cooking " with Justin Wilson. 4 main ingredients; Lea and Perrins' Worcestershire Sauce, Almeden sautern, cayenne pepper and on-YUN. His stories were hilarious.
Jamie Oliver is moving to Australia. will open a '15' restaurant in Melbourne. He's wanted to be involved in the food scene here for ages. It will become a new TV series.
Jamie's Dinners is one of the two best cookbook we have purchased and we have a huge cupboard full. Everything we have tried from it so far has been just the best. Roast Chicken and Other Stories is the other book. It was recently voted most useful cookbook of all time, worth every cent IMO. RC&OS Second Helpings out soon.
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