Which synthetic 30wt. oils greater than (or equal) 12cSt @100C ?

I compiled a list of oil info about a year ago. According to what I was able to find from spec sheets on the web, here's what is a 30 weight close to 12.0cSt at 100C (and not all are "synthetic"): amsoil 10w30 = 11.9 amsoil 30w diesel = 11.5 Neo 10w30 = 11.75 schaeffer #702 monograde 30wt = 12.0 valvoline synpower racing formula 10w30 = 11.85 quaker state higher mileage 5w30 = 12.2 quaker state higher mileage 10w30 = 12.2 castrol syntec blend 10w30 = 11.5 castrol higher mileage 5w30 = 11.9 castrol higher mileage 10w30 = 12.0 anything higher is classified/marketed as a 40wt. brands I had researched were redline, amsoil, royal purple, neo synthetic, mobil, scheaffer, valvoline, quaker state, pennzoil, and castrol.