Which Stop Leak??

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Oct 29, 2008
Dallas, Texas
I have gone through several pages of old thread and the only thing mentioned is Bar's Stop Leak products.
Within the thread there is a 50/50 response of wether or not to use it.

The application is a 20 passenger van/bus that some of my friends are using as a vehicle for their apartment ministry, and a homeless ministry. They move people in and out of apartments for free, and they help feed the homeless. Lots of furniture and lots of chests of ice and food will be carted around Dallas in this very large van.
They were "given" this van by someone's father who had it sitting in a pasture for the past 10 years.

My friends are good guys, just very broke. I don't want to push them down the wrong path.
I just got a call that it has a small leak in the radiator, they drove it into town last night from somewhere out in west Texas and it lost around 2 gallons of coolant along the way. It held around 170 degrees, I dont know how they got that number, and it did not overheat on the way here.
Nobody has the cash right now for a new radiator. Although I probably should shop around junk yards and e-bay for one.

What additive would yall reccomend if any?
I've only tried Bar's. I used it a few months ago for a small leak in a water pump gasket. It would have been a fair bit of hassle to get at it again (timing chain driven pump, under the exhaust manifold and many other things in the way), so I tried Bar's and it has held up so far. That was a very small leak though; I was never able to notice a drop in coolant level.
I had a fairly small rad leak, was losing maybe a quart every few weeks. Bars has stopped it for going on a year now. Not sure how it'd do on a 2 gallon per day leak though.
It has worked for me but like stated above, something that large it may not help. Are you positive it is the radiator and not the pump and/or hose?
From what I understand their is a pin hole leak in the radiator. Whenever the engine gets up to temp the pinhole sprays a fine mist forward from the radiator.
Right now the Bus is parked in someones driveway and not being driven.
They realize if they drive it with this issue it is inevitable that they will cook the headgaskets.
If its a diesel then they will also crack the heads. IF it is a diesel they might find some ole boy out in west Texas that could braze up the little pin hole leak without taking it out of the van if they can see where its leaking from the front. The IDI diesels had copper and brass radiators.
I've had great success using Bars. Used it probably 4 years ago on my Dad's 98 Blazer which had a leaking heater core. Still holding strong with no loss of coolant.
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