which size SHOULD give softer ride

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Jun 28, 2005
the P245/75 16's or the LT245/75 16's (C range) I'm thinking the "P" or 4-ply. However, I put on a set of the P245's Bridgestone Revo's on the same truck/same rim's that carried the Bridgestone A/T dueler's in the 6-ply - and the truck is riding harsher with the 4-ply. The ONLY difference is the LT's were the old dueler's, and the P's are the new Revo's. What's up?? FWIW - the Revo's have been sitting in my basement for the summer, but essentially only have 8k miles on them. I hope they're just stiff from being in storage, and I hope it wears off. I LOVED these tires when I initially had them on this truck. FYI - 97 Isuzu Rodeo
P should be softer, if you are talking about the same model tire, you can't compare previous models. Sidewall must be stiffer on the revo's, lower the pressure 2-4psi.(If you can safely do so, as I don't know how high you have them) You'll probably get used to it. I like slightly stiffer tires, they don't "roll under" as much when accelerating through a hard turn, fun.
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