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Jun 25, 2002
New to the board and not too familiar with Schaeffers. As stated in my post about Superflo vs. Chevron, I have a low mileage(1000) '01 Camaro SS with a heads/cam package and I will switch to synthetic around 2000 miles, if I decide to go with Schaeffers, would the blend or full synthetic be recommended, the car isn't a daily driver by any means and it doesn't get abused, stored mainly

Thanks for the help
(please include schaeffer part numbers if you know them)
I would go with the #703 if I were you, which is the 10w30 blend. I don't believe Schaeffers makes a full synthetic 10w30, I think their only Xw30 weight in a full synth is the 5w30 (which I wouldn't use in a high rpm heads/cam LS1) You might even consider the #700 15w40 blend for the hotter weather.

By the way, which builder did your heads/cam package? Which cam did you go with?
GMMG Phase II package, custom grind cam, FLP long tube headers, new pcm, etc.
Same package as Andy (Xsta Z28) just got on his phase II Berger.

So you recommend the blend?, hmm, must be a good blend because I've followed your threads on blends before and notice you don't recommend them.

Clint Williams
The blends I was talking about on LS1.com and LS1Tech.com are different though. Those were the commercially available blends, which are only 10% synthetic, and not even a real synthetic at that, but a group 3 hydrocracked synthetic. So those types of blends are barely any better than their considerably cheaper dino counterparts.

The Schaeffers blends are different, and have proven themselves (through oil analysis) to last for long drain intervals, and plus they also include the all important moly antiwear additive. Schaeffers blends also contain a lot higher percentage of synthetic (I believe it's 30%) and it's a true PAO base synthetic as well.

I can't wait to hear what your car runs, it should be well into the 11s with the right tires.
Yes, the Supreme 7000 10w30 blend is avail in quarts. You looked at the data page too, huh?
Some of the info is a little out of date.

Re: Bror & 5w30; maybe because the new SL data sheets show the 5w30 has equal/better numbers on *Everything* except NOACK volatility? Makes me wonder if I should have bought the 5w30 instead of the 10w30.
Forgetting the specs for a moment, the one thing that worries me with 5w30 compared to 10w30 is the fact that just about every oil analysis I see with 5w30 shows that it thins out a lot more than 10w30 does. Plus I just don't like those extra VI improvers in my oil to begin with, even if the oil didn't thin out. And since my owners manual says I can run 10w30 as long as it's 0F or warmer, that's good for me, since it rarely goes below 0F. And even if I stick with the Maxlife, it's 10w30 flows down to -36C, which it will never reach in my area (coldest I remember is -25C, and that was only once)
Bob, sorry, but I've been lied to and misinformed by so many companies, I can't help but hedge a little here 'n there.

Patman is correct, it's a fuel economy thing. I switched from Valvoline Synpower 5W30 to Red Line 10W30 and lost 2-3 mpg (from 44-45 to 42-43). Add to that my engine consumes ZERO 5W30 Red Line (or Mobil 1, for that matter), and I'm not pushing my change interval and I feel comfortable with 5W30.
Hey bob? I didn't see What % of moly is in the #703 I'm guessing the data sheets do not show this .Do you know how much they put in?Tony
I believe that REAL synthetic blends are a good example of the 80/20 “iceberg” principle. You get about 80% of the benefit from 20% of the premium input.

The problem is that mass-market blends currently available are a rip-off. First of all, they are not “real” synthetics. They are a mixture of Group II and Group III mineral stocks. Even when the “synthetic” component was a PAO or ester (Group IV & V), it was merely 10-15% in most blends and they just about doubled the price of each quart.
This was about 2-3 years ago. Currently, you are better off sticking with the cheaper ($1.50- $1.75 per quart) dino oils.

However, if Schaeffer’s synthetic blend starts off with a really good mineral oil (low volatility, high-flash point, etc …) and adds 25% PAO to it … along with a quality additive package … it should be an excellent performer. Testing posted on this board indicates this is the case. All this for about $3 per quart.

If my Civic continues to show traces of anti-freeze in the crankcase oil and I don’t want to have it diagnosed and fixed immediately, I will have to shorten my oil drain interval. Since Red Line is so darn expensive, I can’t justify using this stuff if my oil & filter interval will only be 3,000-4,000 miles. If that’s the case, I’m going to change my brand of oil. I may be switching to the Supreme 7000 5W30 blend by the end of the summer.

However, if Schaeffer’s synthetic blend starts off with a really good mineral oil (low volatility, high-flash point, etc …) and adds 25% PAO to it … along with a quality additive package … it should be an excellent performer

Should read...

However, Because Schaeffer’s synthetic blend starts off with a really good mineral oil (low volatility, high-flash point, etc …) and adds 25% PAO to it … along with the quality additive package … Makes it an excellent performer

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I'm curious Bror, why would you go with the 5w30 over the 10w30? I know you have a tendancy to hate oils with more VI improvers, wouldn't the 10w30 be the better choice for you? I know your climate is very similar to mine, and I plan on running 10w30 all year round in my car.

Or is it simply a fuel economy thing? I know you mentioned before that you got much better economy with 5w30. I don't notice that with my Firebird, I ran 5w30 all last winter and when I made the switch to 10w30 in early spring, gas mileage was the same (even with the much colder than normal spring we had here)
Just received the #156 MOLY PURE SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL SAE 5W-30 SJ. I wish I could have gotten the 10W, but thats life. I believe it is the only Pure Syn oil Shaffers has.

Any oil analysis on it?? What is the ppm of moly. Any experiences with it? As soon as my sons car hits 6K on the Supersyn I will change it eith Shaeffers.. That way I'll have a quick check of the Trisyn, Supersyn and Shaeffers on one vehicle. I realize that the Shaeffers is a 5W and the Mobils are 10W. I also suppose the Shaeffers 10W-30 Blend might have been a better choice, but I can't bring myself to use anything except a pure syn-I know..I know...

Anyway I live in central Pa. and the local rep, Gary Trout just dropped it off at one of his industrial customers and I just ran in town-3 miles and picked it up. No shipping

I guess now I can not officially be classified as a Mobil 1 fanatic.

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I used to be a synthetic only type of person, but now I would much rather use a 10w30 blend than a 5w30 synthetic. I think any 5w30, synthetic included, will thin out too much.
I wonder why you and others keep saying a (or thinking) a 5W30 will always thin out before a 10W30. 0W, 5W, 10W30 they are all top 30W.
I have a 93 Grand Prix LE 3.1v6 with 224,000 miles. It has always had 5W30 except for the last 98000 it has run 0W30.
I have spoken with a fellow who lives in Dallas, TX. and runs 0W30 with no problem.
Doesn't thinning out have to do with an oil shearing back?
If it has a good shear viscocity it should do its job, right?
Just curious

Good Day,
I do prefer the 10W, but I believe since the 5W has more polymer as the temperature rises above 200F the polymer makes the 5W slightly thicker than the 10W. Probably a small difference though.
I'd like to see some anaysis on the 5W30 Shaeffer Synth Vs the 10W30 blend. I'm not going to assume that the 5W30 breaks down quicker based on other oils. I'm starting to think that Schaeffers is special. If they made there synth 5W30, it's probably at least as good as their blends. I'd be suprised if the wear specs were not better with the synth.

Does the synth come in quarts, or did you buy 30 gal? How much does it run?
Al: " I guess now I can not officially be classified as a Mobil 1 fanatic."

Say it ain't so! Who am I gonna spar with now?

I too would like to know if the full syn came in 1 qt. bottles ... or did you have to buy a barrel?

icruse, the 5W30 gets to where it's going by using more polymer viscosity improvers which tend to shear down when this oil is really pushed hard. Testing shows some 5W30s have sheared down to a 5W20 by 3,000 miles.
I've read in a number of places that "true" synthetics use very little (if any) VII's for XW-30 viscosities. IF this is the case wouldn't we be better off using using the lowest viscosity "true" synthetic?
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