Which retailers in North America are carrying the German 0w-30?

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Jan 1, 2003
I recall WalMart in Canada and some Autozones in the US. Anyone seen it anywhere else?
Yeah, no kidding. Silence all around. Castrol doesn't answer their emails about it, either. I phoned and spoke with a rep who promised a data sheet which still hasn't been sent. She couldn't answer questions about the labeling changes, and couldn't explain the GF-3 on the website and the lack thereof on the bottle. I know that customer reps for a number of the oil companies can leave one wanting, but what's with Castrol, anyway? Their website is lame and uninformative. Their reps don't know jack about their newest product on the continent. Do they try to be second rate?
YZF150, I could not agree more about Castrol customer service. I asked for a tech data sheet for the Syntec 5w-40 and BMW Syntec 5w-30 A3/B3 products and it does not look like I will ever get a reply. If they ever respond I will post the info on this web site. Sorry I can't help on where to buy the 0W-30 Syntec.
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