which pennzoil synthetic for infiniti 3.7 vq engine????

May 17, 2008
morning gents. i just picked up a 2015 infiniti q50 with the 3.7 vq engine. i've read that this engine is pretty hard on oil so i'm looking for which pennzoil syn is the thickest 30 weight? the euro L 5w-30 looks good but since its a diesel spec oil would it be ok to use in my gas burner?
Big Ed
I have a 2015 Q40 withe the same engine. I put in Delo 10w30 I got on clearance at AutoZone for 3 dollars a gallon with hpl engine cleaner and the VQ runs better on the higher viscosity. I'm probably going to stay to a ck4/sn oil from now on
Pennzoil euro l 5w30 is spec'd for gas and diesel on the label. Good oil that did not run low on my kids Volvo C30 which usually is .5-1qt low by 6k mile oil changes, right on full. Very thick 5w30, run it w confidence. Or 0w40 PP which is just thicker


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There is nothing wrong with Euro L 5w30 in your car :)

Shell's Rotella T6 oils are popular with the Nissan community. Available in both 5w30 and 5w40