Which OSA Labs do people use? Is Bl******ne best/cost /value or which is?


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Oct 7, 2021
Deep South/USA
You guys rubbing off on me. After using Amsoil for past O.S.A.s years ago, and then deciding not needed... I am ready again. You guys good advice and use of the O.S.A. has prodded me to jump on that train again. Thanks to all of you. You made me realize how important the O.S.A.s can be as "proof" if needed for warranty - recall issues down the road. Plus simple piece of mind to assure me that how I am servicing my auto is a good or bad thing. So, I am looking for your preferred "independent oil sample analysis company and why? If anyone does not mind sharing? I know of Blackstone ,Baldwin, WIX? and a few others. Any preference for ... quality / price / convivence / customer service etc...?
If fuel dilution via GC is important to you, I believe Oil Analyzers provide that. Blackstone definitely does not.
I'm tempted to do this as I do short trips and I have direct injection. Thank God no turbo though on my Accord.