Which one of these two Shell HX7 motor oils would you recommend?

Jan 7, 2022
Hello, which one of these two oils would you recommend for 350 TPI engine,
both are Shell Helix HX7 oils, 5w30.

First one, HX7 AF,
FORD WSS-M2C-913 B".
(the viscosity at 100C/40C is a bit thinner on that Ford oil, compared to the other oil below.)

The second one, HX7 AV,

VW 502.00/505.01".
(on the bottle it says for diesel engines, is it suitable for gasoline engines or for diesels only?)

My other idea is just make my own synthetic blend, one quart of dexos2, and the rest just dino oil, or dexos1 synthetic blend, im just uncertain what oil to use since GM recommends dexos2 in Europe, do i need to use diesel oil or not, if taken into consideration the gasoline type in Europe, which has lower amounts of ash or sulfur or something, i don't know, i just don't understand how no matter what the gasoline type or quality, what it has to do with gasoline engine, and how that would affect which oil to use, diesel oil or gasoline engine oil, in a car that isn't even a GDI engine, just a plain old TPI engine.
If i use some plain dino oil with for example just API SM or SJ rating, will the engine be ok, or does the European gasoline just soot up the valves and whatnot, but how could it since we're talking about gasoline engine, not diesel engine.
In that case your gasoline is not suspect. That occurs in other places.

A C3 oil will be fine but I'd check the label you said you read. It's not also going to be VW 502 00.
Thanks. The back of the bottle it says ACEA C3 VW 502.00/505.01.
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