Which oil?

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Jan 18, 2004
Shelby, NC
Ok I have narrowed my choices for oil down even further. The Mobil Drive Clean Plus in 10w-40 or the QS 4x4 Blend in 10w-40. Both these oils are in the $2 a qt range and are available at the ol' Wallyworld here. I plan on about a 4k oci on a 3.0 Nissan (100k) and a 3.5 Isuzu (60k). The Nissan uses no oil and th Zu uses 3/4 - 1 qt per 3k (hoping to end some of this). I have heard/read that the Drive Clean lineup uses a Grp I base oil. Now is this so and is it bad if so? Is th QS blend a Grp III synth added to what Grp base? Which would be the better oil? Sorry for so many questions but this process is quite invigorating for me.
Wow, ~$2 in shelby? Mobil Drive Clean is $1.17 at the wallyworld in raleigh. I've never tried Mobil Drive Clean, but Havoline is rather good, albeit slightly more at $1.27. Look at their VOA. [ May 16, 2004, 12:11 AM: Message edited by: seotaji ]
Seotaji, the regular Drive clean is around a dollar a quart, I was referring to the Drive Clean Plus Blend at $2. The Anti-HDEO crowd is scaring me with the lack of friction modification in the Rotella 5w-40 so I guess that oil is out since I will think about that for 5,000 miles if I use it! Now Syntec has an interesting full synthetic (Grp III) 10w-40 out, is that one worth messing with since it is twice the price of the Drive Clean Plus and QS 4X4 Blend?
3.0 nissan making sludge? Hmmm... Lots of short trips?? If so, are you sure 6000 mi oci is a good idea? [ May 16, 2004, 01:26 PM: Message edited by: dustyjoe1 ]
DustyJoe, the Nissan is a SOHC (VG30E), the DOHC is the Isuzu 3.5 in the wife's Trooper. Absolutely no problem with the Nissan except that I wish it had about 50 more hp [Big Grin] and I want to use the same oil in both vehicles.
Same one in my old maxima (3.0) Excellent engine. If I may offer suggestion. GTX, Pennzoil or chevron/havoline. In 5w/10w30 Flavors. Just make sure the oil filter you use has an adbv ( my choice was wix)since it points down. That engine will run a long, long time. Long enough for you to replace the governors in the electric windows at least 4 times on all of them. Not sure about the Isuzu, never had one. My OCI for the nissan was 5k mi. [ May 16, 2004, 01:33 PM: Message edited by: dustyjoe1 ]
Well here is another thought. I see on here that people mix M1 10w-30 and 15w-50 for some sort of homebrew. Now this might do what I need (thicken up the 30wt). Sooooo, if you run a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio of 10w-30 to 15w-50, what do you get? Has anyone done a VOA on such a blend? A UOA?
Another question: can Syntec 10w-40 go 6,000 in a DOHC application? This motor does not need any help in making sludge and gumming up the works (EGR and PCV as well as rings).
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