Which oil?

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Sep 14, 2003
Hey guys. I just bought a '03 V6 4x4 Tacoma and am trying to figure out what oil/filters to use in it. It has 700 mi. on it currently- I plan to use dino at 1000 mi. and then switch to synthetic. From what I have read doing a search on the board, I am leaning towards M1 5w30 with a Toyota filter and changes at 5K. What do you think- is this a good choice? I plan on driving this truck until it falls apart. Craig
M1 is a fine choice for your Toyota. Check out the pictures of the innards of a Camry V6 engine which ran M1 all its life, thread here. Scroll down for the pics. Nice and clean!
With M1 and Toyota filters every 5k you could probably get 500k out of that engine. Toyotas seem to love that combo a lot.
Thanks for the replies. Can anyone tell me whether to use M1 5w30 or 10w30? I'm in Atlanta and don't see extremely cold temps. The manual specifies 5w30- just wondering if one would be better than the other. C
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