Which oil high miles '99 Ford Ranger?

May 12, 2018
Gathermewool First your response does not even answer the question from the op? hmm There is a name for that on most forums! ;) I am not sure if you are just being funny or just another keyboard warrior that does not know real world information or experience.
Oh and BTW I looked after your response on this forum and found sever dozen refence to using what I posted? Go figure and with your forum count of 8,986 and never read any of that before? Jesus, called and wants to help with some members researching abilities.
My conclusion is that "YOU" personally have no real world experience to the information I posted I do on my engines? Please read my response to ripcord below. Keep i mind that the OP v-6 Ford engine has over 200,000 miles on it. ;)

ripcord I will also say you did not answer the OP question? Why is that. Yet you respond to quickly dismiss my response? Never the less, last time I looked a quart of ATF none synthetic was between 2-4 bucks? I suppose to some that is expensive? haha! I would also do a little more research on the qualities of good old ATF as a cleaner. Your comment leads to believe to have never used it to clean greasy or oiled parts. For "sheeits" and giggles find one or your old engine parts or car parts covered in burn oil or grease and soak it in ATF. After oh say an hour take your garden hose and with just water pressure rinse it off. ;)

Yet another thread I took interest and want to help an OP I am taking off my watch list. There seems to be a core group of members I am finding don't like new members playing in their sand box? LOL
Scotty Kilmer?