Which oil for Chevy Turbo Diesel Pick-Up Truck?

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Jan 28, 2005
Baltimore, Maryland U.S.A.
My uncle has a 1992 full-size Chevy Silverado pick-up truck. It has a V8 diesel engine with a turbo (I'm not sure of the exact engine size). He put in a new engine about a year ago, and he just installed a brand-new turbo, after his rebuilt one went up. He occasionally uses the truck for towing a trailer, but not often. I would like to know... Which oil brand is the best conventional oil? AND Which oil brand is the best synthetic oil? ... to use in such a vehicle, especially to help keep the turbo running well. Thanks in advance!
You can also check out Delo 400 or Delvac Super for conventional HDEO which are actually very good value or for synthetic, check out Delvac-I.
If his turbo went out after on year, then he is not letting the engine idle after a long hard pull when he stops. If he does let the turbo cool down, then he had a bad rebuild on it. You asked for the best Conventional diesel oil, and to me it is Delvac 1300S or Chevron Delo 400 both available at Wal Mart and both in 15W40. Personally if I kept losing my turbo, I would look at a Synthetic 5W40 or 15W40 oil. Delvac 1, Amsoil, or Schaeffers 5W40 Series 9000.
i have the same engine and have never had a turbo problem and i pull alot. but i let it cool down and i watch the pyro and i have a more open exhaust to lower temps. ive used delo 400, rotella t, pennzoil longlife conventionals and have had good luck with all.
Thanks for the suggestions. My uncle's re-built turbo went up while he was simply driving down the street, not while towing his trailer. He thinks he got a poorly re-built turbo, so he bought a new one. He uses "Mobil 1" in his 1996 Impala SS. Does "Mobil 1" offer an oil for diesels, or is the "Delvac I" Mobil's version of a synthetic for diesels?
Delvac 1 or Mobil 1 Truck&SUV are both 5W40 and both Full Synthetic. Use whichever you can find cheaper is my suggestion if he wants to go that route.
Nobody knows if any one brand of oil is best. With the latest CI-4 Plus spec, all major brands seem to be very good. Use your choice of any top brand 15W-40. Among the synthetics, I prefer Schaeffer, Mobil, Amsoil, Red Line. Ken
The oil seals are a simple install when rebuilding a turbo. The critical process is balancing the turbine wheel/shaft and compressor wheel. If the residual imbalance is over specs, the bearing and seals won't live long. If the original turbo lasted 12 years he's idling enough to prevent oil coking. I like Shell for conventional and Mobil for synthetics. (In diesel applications.)
I have the same engine and turbo now in my truck. It has around 260,000 all original... I run 15w40 Amsoil Synthetic. I cant recommend anyother oil because I never used it. But with Amsoil 15w40 I got this far on it without any issues.
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