Which of these oils would you guys use?

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Oct 25, 2003
Dallas, TX
For my next oil change I'm planning to use one of the following D1 5-40, GC 0-30, or Redline 10-30, or maybe a brew of 3 M1 10-30 and 1.5 15-50 M1. I hate the start up noise with M1 10-30 by itself. If it helps I've got the 2.5L Nissan engine w/ almost 15000 miles. Any feedback is welcomed. [HAIL 2 U!] [Cheers!] [Patriot]
All of the above! Just not at the same time... What kind of start up noise are you experiencing? It may not be the oil causing it, but the oil filter, specifically the ADBV (if applicable). Try a different brand of filter and see if that helps; it's a cheap experiment for what it's worth... [Big Grin]
I don't know enough about FM and EP additive levels in diesel-rated oils like Delvac 1 to recommend them in Japanese cars because of potential cat damage. Be sure anyone you talk to about this knows their stuff! I would definately not use Redline in a warrantied car, at all. A newer oil like GC will have less EP and FM additives, their function being replaced by high-tech esters that are purpose-engineered. Long oci and better in general for your car, GC. I would consider M1 0w-40 over any others except maybe Amsoil S3000. Did I mention GC? If you can get it, stock up.
I am very happy with my Royal Purple 10/30. But I wouild also have no problem with Amsoil 10/30. JMO. I don't like the GC. Milage sucked. Turned black fast. Off the shelf, I like Havoline synthetic. I think that is better then the Mobil 1 or the GC.
Originally posted by oilrecovery2003: 1)Turned black fast. 2)Off the shelf, I like Havoline synthetic. I think that is better then the Mobil 1 or the GC.
1) Maybe it was just very good at cleaning out teh gunk the previosu oil lweft behind? "Turning black" in hi end oils generally is not the result of breakdown of the carrier oil or additives. Especially if in "turning black" happens in under 1000 miles. 2)Nothing is impossible I guess, but I would need a LOT of convincing, that a group III oil could outperforma group IV/V oils. the only way thats possible, is if the additive package on the M1 and GC were poor and the additive package on the Halvoline syn vastly superior to make up for the (admittedly only somewhat), weaker base oil. Fred... [Smile]
I would use whatever viscosity oil your owners manual calls for....at least during the warranty period. In addition, I would only use an API certified oil during that time. After warranty, use whatever strikes your fancy. No need to invite problems or suspicions from the dealership on the off chance you'll have engine trouble during the warranty period. JMO Mikep
I think all your chices are good. I doubt your startup noise is going to go away with other oils. Perhaps its piston slap in which case you need to go back to dealer. You didn't do the balance shaft removal mod did you?? Delvac is possibly the best oil in the planet and it is SL rated. [ December 24, 2003, 08:42 AM: Message edited by: Al ]
Mobile 1 would be my choice because it is available at most auto parts stores and K-Mart. It will clean up the deposits that Rotella , Delvac, Pennzoil Supreme Duty, etc. left behind. I wasn't impressed much with the synthetic Rotella at all. Red Line and Amsoil are also good oils. In your area with 5W-30 with a premium WIX filter (good ADBV) you should be good to go...
Thanks for the replies. I replaced the K&N oil filter HP1010 with a Wix 51356 and the QS fully synthetic 10-30 with GC. Valve noise problem solved I think my SE-R hates K&N oil filters [Mad] [Frown] [Thumbs Down!] . Smooth driving so far. [Cheers!] [Big Grin] I never had problems with Mobil 1 M110 or the OEM filter 15208-9E000.
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