which conventional oil to get?

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Apr 28, 2011
missouri usa
I'm going to buy oil today at Walmart probably. I'm going to choose between Pennzoil, Quaker state, havoline, Mobil, and castrol . The one with the most votes is what I will probably get. If you have any reason for one over another feel free to share. thanks
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The one that's cheapest always gets my vote, as I don't have any brand preference.
Go with QS for this very reason. I think Mobil Super 5k is about tied with QS these days in price.
Be sure it meets the spec for your engine, though, regardless of cost. Your moniker makes me assume GM, just thought I'd throw that out there.
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PYB. Great VOA & UOA's.
Yep the SN PYB is hard to beat for a dino. Just bought some myself.
I used to really like Havoline. Although I haven't looked for a long time, its specs were right up there with the best conventional oils and it was usually one of the less-expensive options. My Walmart quit carrying Havoline a while back so I switched to Valvoline at that time, with no noticeable difference. (I've since bought a new vehicle and switched to synthetic.) Long story short, my vote is for Havoline, but I don't think you'll go wrong with any of those you've mentioned.
So far qs is in the lead? Is there any big difference between Pennzoil and qs , since they are owned by the same .company. I thought Castrol would be getting more votes. What if we through all the companies mentioned and included there synthetic? Which synthetic would you pick and would you pick synthetic over conventional?
PYB and GTX are the same price at wallyworld now. Both are top notch. If you are wanting something a bit less in price, mobil 5000 and QSGB are a bit cheaper and would perform about the same. Good Luck.
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