Which combination would you choose?

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Feb 21, 2004
Out of these six oils and oil filters which combination would you choose for your vehicle? Base the oils on the base oil (group I, II, II+, ect...) and the additive package it has. Or on past personal experiences and the one you would use. Base the oil filter on flow, filtration, reputation, one you would use, ect... Well anyway, which one would you pick? Thanks everyone [Smile] 1. Valvoline All Climate 2. Pennzoil w/PureBase 3. Castrol GTX 4. Havoline 5. SuperTech 6. Quaker State 1. Wix 2. Advance Auto TotalGrip 3. SuperTech 4. CHAMP 5. Purolator Premium Plus 6. FRAM [ May 12, 2004, 06:53 PM: Message edited by: gtm245 ]
Penzoil/Wix (If I could get the Pureolator Pureone then that would be the filter)..Cheveron Oil if I could save a buck or more per oil change.Supertech filter if I could also save another $1+ per oil change...it all "depends" I guess....Free advice, you pay for what you get [Cool] [Big Grin] [Eek!] [ May 12, 2004, 06:40 PM: Message edited by: Jeff in Western WA ]
I have Supertech dino in my truck and im about to try Supertech Synthetic in my car in a few more miles.Previously used Mobil1 and Amsoil.For filter i have Supertechs in both truck and car.
Wix Purolator Supertech Motorcraft Phillips Trop Artic Turbo Chevron Havoline HM oils Mobil HM Pao Blend ultra [Cool] Citgo Ultra Life [Cool] Pennzoil HM [Cool] Maybe that new Havoline HM blend if we ever see it along with Shells new one Sorry but I added to your six possibles [Smile]
Valvoline All Climate with Fram. Thats what I use on my Camry. I know many people say Fram is not so good of a filter, but thats what they got at Kragen only Fram, Penzoil and K&N. I choose Valvoline because its the #1 choice of top mechanics and has the ASE symbol. Well its a good oil.
Latest intelligence reports: Havoline and Purolator. The oil is more important than the filter (as long as it doesn't fail which is why you would take Fram out of the equation).
Does anyone know the Wix/Napa Gold efficiency ratings? Kinda interesting how most say a Purolator or ST above a Wix. But anyway keep em coming. [Smile]
Havoline/Wix. Since Wix is getting hard to come by locally the Purolator would be a very close second.
2,4 and 3 for the oil, if those are available, we are in deep kimchee.... for filters 5,4,1,3,2 and 6
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