Which are the "Superoils?"

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Jul 2, 2003
I did a couple of searches and couldn't find anything on this...so here's the issue. Some oils shine in certain engines or certain driving or climatic conditions; some are great at the track but not so great for long drain intervals; and some don't shine much at all in any applicaton; but which oils, from your experience (e.g looking at (lots of) UOAs, personal inspection of your engines, the way your engine "responds" to them, etc), are the standout oils, the ones that no matter what you throw at them, are the "superoils." I have some strong feelings about which they are, but what do you all think and why?

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When it comes to conventional motor oils, I think Chevron Supreme is a superoil. You know how nice a car or truck engine will run right after an oil change? Well, to me, Chevron Supreme is like that for an entire oil change.

I also think that Schaeffer's Oil is a superoil. My car runs really smooth with it and I had an excellent UOA with it.

My car ran great with the German Castrol, but the problem is it is too hard to locate. I don't think we can call it a superoil until more people have experience with it, assuming they can locate it.
So far the 0w30 Castrol is looking like a super oil, it's not shown a bad UOA yet! I also believe Schaeffer Oil and Amsoil belong in this category too, it's rare to see them show bad UOAs. I also think Redline is too, but I know many will disagree with me.

We need a new super hero, Super Oil Man!

I don't know about the definition of "super oils". Seems like people will have their political favorites no matter what.

I can only see that certain oils and certain weights do better in some cars and some conditions than other oils. But this is not (hardly ever) extrapolatable to the next application.

Wisely shop.
I think the super oils are Mobil 1, Castrol 0w-30(maybe), Amsoil and Redline. Schaeffer's is a good oil, but not super IMO. M1 and Amsoil in particular are tried and true in my book.

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Hey Pablo! you "stole" what I was going to post
! Well said though. Since we don't know the definition of what makes a "super oil" and there are so many variables, it's hard to crown any one oil. One person's "super oil" can be another's "mediocre oil".
Patman, thanks for the cartoons, always get a chuckle out of them.

I think Patman nailed it based on what we have seen. Really can't put Chevron in the superoil class even for dino (Just an opinion though

Amsoil/Mobil 1- very good but not super. Delvac 1-close to superstatus. Schaeffer's Pure Syn outperformed Mobil 1 for me in two cars-but we can't crown it a "superoil"

Originally posted by Pablo:
I don't know about the definition of "super oils"...I can only see that certain oils and certain weights do better in some cars and some conditions than other oils. But this is not (hardly ever) extrapolatable to the next application. Wisely shop.

I am enjoying and appreciate everyone's responses, but Pablo's post hit on something I have mentioned before on this board. In Europe, you have SO MANY oil combinations (suppliers/weights/formulations) that you can probably find that match between engine and oil that Pablo addresses. But here, we get more limited choices. I realize that the situation in Europe is different...e.g where there are many different nations, there will be many different suppliers and when they are so closely situated they will sell across national lines and so everyone gets many choices. But I am tired of what you all (probably accurately) describe as the ignorant or unconcerned consumer who doesn't demand much in the way of oil choices and so we don't get many. I am also tired of what you all (probably accurately) describe as an auto industry who says, "The majority of our customers are stupid and/or undemanding, so where we REALLY need to specify a 5W40 for this temp range and a 15W50 for this, let's just go with a 10W30. Engines never fail due to oil anyway." I wish,by leaving these perspectives behind, we had a way to force a more open market wherein ELF, Shell, Motul, etc would find it lucrative to expand to the US (they go to the Middle East, Australia and Asia!). (I believe there are more Formula SLXs out there if we could only have access to them.) Guys, I do realize that on the list of things that matter critically in the world, this doesn't rank, but for residents of this board, it should have some importance.

PS Patman, thanks for our new mascot!

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