Which Amsoil for my Mazda ??

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Jan 13, 2003
Howdee I'm a newbie to this site. I've been using Amsoil for several years. I just traded my 1998 Honda Passport 133,000 miles on it for a 1999 Mazda 626,4 cylinder 2.0 litre engine with 31,000 miles on it. I used 10w/30 Amsoil in the Passport. I still have 2 bottles left. Amsoil says use the 2000 series 0w/30 what do you think?I do a lot of city stop and go driving. Also my wife just got a 2001 Toyota 4Runner 42,000 miles on it. We got the extended service contract that covers oil changes. Is it worth it to go with Amsoil or go with the dealer oil changes. She doesn't drive much 15-20 miles a week. But we tow a boat to the lake with the 4 Runner,towing 4200# about 34 miles round trip each weekend at 45 mph durring the summer. I plan on adding a tranny cooler. Thanks for all and any input. Cheers, Robert Lahser
Robert, for the 4Runner, what does your extended service contract require in regard to oil change interval and the type of oil? If they have specific requirements and you don't follow them, they won't pay you for repair claims may you have. For your Mazda, I find the 10W-30 a better value than the 0W-30 or the Series 3000 diesel/gasoline rated 5W-30. Ken [ January 14, 2003, 05:52 PM: Message edited by: Ken2 ]
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