Where to get WVO??

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Mar 21, 2005
Elderly County, Florida
I have been reading about Bio-diesel for years. Always wanted to give it a try but never took the plunge. Without wanting to sound stupid, where do you get your WVO? I mean, do you just walk into your local McDonalds and say, "May I please have your waste oil."? Or do you have to look for a mom and pop greasy spoon? Looking around my shop, I've got most of the stuff to do this, except a ready supply of waste oil. Where do I go?
I stay away from the large fast food places. They really tend to beat up their oil. It titrates to high for my liking.

I went to a grocery store with a deli, a resturant in a mall, and 3 other mom/pop resturants. I did exactly as you stated, I asked them if I could pick up their WVO because I make biodiesel out of it. I then showed them a sample of biodiesel, glycerin and WVO. I explained very briefly how I make biodiesel and they all committed on the spot. I furnish 5 gallon buckets and lids for them to put the oil in.

Probably the most important is when you get the commitment from them, then ask them to make sure they don't use any cleaning product or water that will get in the oil. Very important step. Explain that it becomes worthless with high water and cleaning products. They will be more than happy to cooperate.
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