Where to get oil pressure from?

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Dec 28, 2003
Manitowoc, Wisconsin
If someone was to install an electric oil pressure gauge where would you recommend putting the sending unit. Either in the block at the top of the motor where pressure switch is (hard to get at) "or" at the oil filter either with an adapter block between motor and filter or through a plug in filter mount.

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First thing is to not worry about exsisting locations. You can either T off from a convient location or you normaly have a plethora of pluged ports you can take a reading from. I like to take readings from the Head area if it is OHC. Some people go to the far side of the block instead. Takeing a presure reading from the oil filter is in my opion the worst place to take it from. You want to know what the critical parts of the engine are seeing not the filter. This also helps you judge how long oil is truely takeing to circulate in the engine.
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