Where to Get German Syntec in Toronto Area.....

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May 27, 2002
Guelph, Ontario
I just wonder if the Winston Churchill location got cleaned out by someone on here. Who on here bought some there in the last 6 days? I was just there last Sunday and there was about 20L of it, now all they have is the old stuff.
Actually, I went on a shopping spree and cleaned out all the local Walmarts. I cringe when I think about my upcoming Visa statement. This year, I spent more on oil than on myself. BITOG be damned. -Paul
I was wondering if anyone knew of Walmarts carrying the German Syntec 0w-30 in the Toronto are. Patman put me onto the location off Winston Churchill Blvd but apparently that location has been recently cleaned out. I think Patman may have cleaned it out knowing that I was on my way to pick some up - he, he, he - j/k. But if anyone else knows of some locations let me know, I'm going to be on TO on Sunday (tomorrow), I don't get up there too often so any help would be appreciated on short notice. thanks [Canada] Joey
JMO, but I'm hearing a lot of stories about people cleaning places out of this German Syntec, and I can't help but think that it's a bit premature given that we only know the specs and one VOA? [I dont know] I could pull the same trick on this coast if I wanted to, but what if it doesn't turn out to be so great after all or my car doesn't like it? I thought some people had concluded that it was a product here to stay... [I dont know]
I think its an oil worth trying however I am wondering how long we will be able to actually buy this stuff. Its not available in any regular amounts, thus it may be just a one time chance, perhaps they just sent over one shipment of the stuff to clear it out. By the looks of it this might not be an oil we can regularly purchase in the future even if it turns out to be really good.
I have enough to do 2 changes. Until I see a couple of UOA, that's it for me. The high Iron content and no moly has me a bit skeptical but it won't be long before we start seeing some results coming ... Plus, who know's what nice find people will discover in the next year or 2. Remember the guy who bought tonnes of TS and then a few months later, the SS formulation of M1 came out and now he's stuck with inferior oil that'll last him years to come [Roll Eyes] [ June 29, 2003, 11:51 AM: Message edited by: paco ]
I know a lot of people are counting on me to get the first UOA out there, so I promise you guys I'll try extremely hard to get the sample taken this week. I asked my sister to leave her car at my parents house this weekend, since she went away for the long weekend. But she didn't have time. But I am on holidays this week, and when I return from a short trip out of town I am going to either get my sister to come over on Wednesday night, or if not, I will drive over to her work on Thursday or Friday, pick up her car, drive it back to my house and do the oil change. It's about a 60 mile round trip from her work to my house, so it's a bit of a pain, but I'm just as anxious as you guys are to see this UOA, and since she'll probably be working 12 hour days this week yet again, it's the only way to ensure it gets done. I'm sure she'll have closer to 5500 to 6000 miles on this oil by the time I do the change. The lab I use is very fast, so if I send the sample in on Thursday afternoon, I should have results by Monday or Tuesday.
I was at the Winston Churchill/401 Walmart this morning and they had at least 6L of the German 0w30 there. Tucked behind it was the yellow label old stuff though. They must realize that stuff just isn't selling. They should put it on the bargain rack at $3 a liter to get rid of it. I should have a chat with whoever does the oil orders for that store, and let them know if they stock this new oil, people will flock to the store to buy it. (unless the upcoming UOAs look bad!)
I was on a mission this afternoon to find a kid's video for my son (his favorite video "Wake Up Jeff" by the Wiggles got eaten by our VCR!) so I was at the Walmart in Brampton on Queen/Airport Road, and they too had 6L of the new 0w30, with about 20L of the old yellow stuff behind it.
Went to another Walmart this morning (still looking for that video for my son!) and this one had 5L of the new 0w30, and 3L of the old stuff. It was the one at Bovaird/Hwy 10 in north Brampton.
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