Where to find Sheaf Stout?

Sheaf Stout is an Australian beer that comes in large brown bottles. Carlton United Breweries produces it, and the bottles have an interlaced "CUB" molded into the shoulder. A few wine and beer stores in Virginia and Maryland used to carry it, but I haven't seen it in some years. I used to think it was every bit as good as Guinness Extra Stout (Shannow? Sprintman?), and both were my favorite beers. Anyone have any lead on where I might find some Sheaf in this part of the US?
I'll just duck down to the bottlo, and bring some back for you (750ml for $4.70 IIRC). See you in 10 minutes. I prefer Guiness to Sheaf for drinking, but Sheaf makes a much better base for a beef casserole or stew, as it seems a bit more caramelly.