Where to find older style glass fuses?

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Apr 30, 2005
Columbus, OH
I have no problem finding the 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 amp AGC fuses. However, my gauge lights are dead and there is a tiny little 4 amp fuse that runs those. The socket for it is half the size of the others, I guess about 3/4" or so. What the heck kinda fuse is glass, half the size of AGC, and only 4 watts?

You think a Radio Shack would have something like that? Or a hardware store? Local parts stores (AutoZone, NAPA, Advance, and OReilly) were of no help. They only have the long ones.
are there any other numbers/letters on the fuse? 2AG, GDB, 217, SMG, 225? I can help you track down what it is if you give me all of the info on the fuse itself.

I'd try radio shack and the hardware store first.
There is no fuse, just an empty socket. I just know a full size fuse won't fit in there, cause the hole is half the size of the rest of the fuses.

The owner's manual does not specify anything about the fuse except that it needs to be 4 amps. I wonder if I can stick an ATM (plastic mini blade) fuse in there? It wouldn't be thick enough I don't think. I don't even think they make ATM's in 4 amp.
OK, figured out at least what KIND of fuse it is. SFE-4 as told to me by a member of a Ford pickup board.

Now the quest to find one for sale!!!
Try radio shack or an electronics store. Short glass fuses are also used in multi-meters (fluke, etc.)
Thanks, I have to order some brake bits for the Torino from RockAuto, and they carry these in a 5 pack for $1.15 with minimal added shipping. Perfect! I'll get everything but rotors/calipers/drums for $80 including these fuses and a package of the AGC 7.5amp for the radio.

Here's to hoping I don't need to add rotors, calipers, or drums to the order, so I can afford to get this done already and enjoy the car some more!
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