Where to find M1 0w-40?

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Nov 13, 2002
I can't seem to find any mobil1 0w-40 anywhere. Does anybody know wher to get some other than bmw, mercedes, dealerships on the east coast? Looking at the viscocity numbers at 100C it seems like what I am looking for. Since 10W-30 M1 is 9.8, I think 0W-40 will pretty much eliminate the slight oil consumption with its viscocity around 11.4 or something. Well at least I hope so. I could even mix 1.25 qts of 0w-40 with 3 qts of 10w-30 to average out to 10.88, which is slightly higher than castrol GTX 10w-30. I just figure this is the number to aim for since when I used just castrol I didn't consume any oil between oil changed. I hope to find some soon as I need to change it out sometime. Thanks....
Yes, out west, too. So far, AutoZone is the only place I've found with the 0W40. $4.99. Hurts when just across the street 5/10W30 is often on sale for $3.59. I tried to suggest those guys carry the 0W40 but was lectured on how they stopped carrying even 10W40s because it voided warranties.
Losing battle.

Autozone is the only place I've seen it. And it's the same price as the other grades of Mobil 1: $4.99.
Wherever you are (at least in the US), open up the Yellow Pages and look under "Oils-Lubricating". There, you will find the Mobil (and other) oil jobbers serving your area. The oil jobbers are another excellent source for the product you seek.
In Ottawa Canada, I can get Mobil1 0w30 or 0w40 at:

Esso Warehouse (Imperial Oil Canada)
1961 Merivale Road
Ottawa (Nepean)

You must buy a case of 6 (1 litre bottles). I think I paid $6.25cdn/litre ($37.50cdn/case). In Toronto, I'd check with Imperial Oil Canada (Esso).
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