Where to find Chevron / Havoline Synthetic?

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Mar 2, 2004
I'd like to use Chevron/Hav Synthetic, however I can't find either one here locally. Checker has the Chevron Supreme dino, and Havoline is at Walmart among other places, but no sign of the synthetic anywhere? Any ideas where to look?

One thing I did find was tons of leftover 5w-40 M1 T&SUV in the old-school bottles with the black label at Advance Auto.
Advance was the only place I knew of, then they discontinued it. No sweat, SM dino Havoline kicks butt. btw- was the M1 T&S on sale/closeout?
In the Pacific NW you can find Havoline synthetic at GI Joes and Bi Mart. Bi Mart has some interesting grades such as 5W-40.
Ok, I keep hearing about Advanced discontinuing Hav syn, and .79 cent clearence and blah blah, but I was just there yesterday picking up a case of Hav dino on sale, and I asked them about the Hav syn and they said it was NOT on clearence. I think it must be an individual store thing and not a nationwide thing...
If it's on clearence how come it's not advertised in the store? I told em a friend told me about it, and they said that it wasn't. I'll check another AA to double check though. I think the tag said it was $2.95/qt. Clearence notwithstanding, is that a good price for the Hav syn?
The stores in my area also had it for $2.95/qt, but when it sat on the shelf collecting dust the store manager maked it down to 79 cents just to get rid of it.
Yeah the AA stores around here marked it down to $2.95 a quart.When I mentioned to the mangaer that some stores were marking it down even more he told me he'd take 70% off. I bought up 15 qts of 5w30 and 7 10W30's.Came out to $.88 a qt.
I can’t get Havoline synthetic in my area as well. I’m in the Nations capital area. Only Havoline AA and other stores such as Wall Mart carry is the conventional.
A while back I called Chevron to ask where I could find their synthetic. They told me to try Walmart, Sam's Club, and the major auto retailers (Kragen, Autozone, Pepboys). Then said if you can't find it there, try calling a distributor and see where they distribute to. So maybe try calling a distributor in your area and see if they can help you.

I used to see 5W-30 and 10W-30 synthetic at Kragen but haven't seen it for a long time.
I called around and tried to find a dealer in the upstate NY area (looking for their 0W-30) and after about a month of calling, leaving messages, etc ... I just gave up.

--- Bror Jace
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