where to buy UOA container?

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Dec 10, 2002
I've only done one UOA so far and I want to do another one this summer. I've gone to Michael's, hobby lobby, and even walmart. I can't find a 4-6 oz plastic container that would be able to stand the extreme heat of the oil this summer when it drains. any suggestions? I'm afraid to use a glass container as it might break during transport. Basically a small plastic container that won't melt, sterile, and a good price would be nice [Wink] TIA
I went to the our local drug and discount store's travel section - where they sell the little soaps and shampoos and shaving cream bottles for a dollar- and they have four oz plastic bottles with a screw top lid for storing your own shampoo or whatnot. Yes, it was very warm to touch right after filling with hot oil but didn't melt. Cost .89
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