Where to buy Redline oil?

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May 4, 2005
Just what I needed, thanks. If anybody has an even cheaper source, I'd still love to hear it. - Glenn
Canadian Tire stores up this way sell Redline 5w30 and 10w30, but the price is $11.99. I can see why they don't move much of this stuff!
I stumbled across a website once that had all the usual Redline lubricants for $6.69 or something very close to that. Much lower than the $7.50 - $7.95 I'm used to paying, and it seems these days a lot of sources are charging even higher: $7.95 - $9.50! Of course I didn't bookmark the site, and now can't find it. Does anybody know of a good discount source for Redline products? - Glenn
"I've never found Redline any cheaper than at myoilshop.com" Except when Advance Auto was selling it off at $6 a quart with a $1 per quart rebate last spring. Some even picked it up there for $2 a quart. But yes, myoilshop appears to be the place to buy RL.
My understanding is the 5w40 is the only RL grade with added VIIs. For that reason I would gravitate towards 10w40. I bet the 10w40 has all the cold start properties you would need unless you are far up in Canada or Alaska.
boxcartommie22: "iam so lucky i buy my redline a couple of miles from my home..this racing shop has all their products!!" Since your home is only miles from my home, care to share? Not Madcap is it? I've bought there but they charge full price. - Glenn
hi glenn nice to meet you...its callled 3r automotive they make racing cars for the scca and nascar circuit... they have all i mean all and tons of it redline products well worth the trip here is their phone number 303 781 0774 ask for randy...addy is 3701 s. kalamuth st. englewood colo. 80110 he sends oil all over the country tell him tom hornberger sent you
Hah, indeed it's brisk out there! -7 here at the moment and I have a fill of mostly 15W-40 dino. - Glenn
I could not believe it but AMAZON.COM sells Redline oil at 7.95/qt as well as other brands. I think they sell just about everything!
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