Where to buy Mobil 1?

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Nov 22, 2002
Austin, TX
Seems Mobil 1 is a favorite around here, along with Amsoil and maybe Redline, since they're the only true group IV oils now. I'm just looking for the least expensive group IV oil, which apparently is Mobil 1. So where do you get your Mobil 1 fix? I read that Walmart has them in the 5-qt jugs for pretty cheap. Do they go on sale cheaper elsewhere? Or is this a taboo subject around here, based on the lack of hits from my search.
Should be easy to find. I've found it at Autozone and Target. You can probably find it at the big W but I won't shop there.
It's hard to beat WallyWorld. I'm also In Austin and I haven't see the jugs for a while. As I understand it they are promotional and come out from time to time. Every once in a while Pep Boys will have a promotion that competes with WW's everyday price.
Some Wal-marts carry the 5qt jugs at times and others never do. Even with the stocking stores, availability hit-or-miss do to fact that the jugs are promotional items. When available the usual price is $17.88 (+ -) However, occasionally an individual location will basically give the jugs away
. Last month the store here in Oroville, CA had them on sale for $9.83ea. That's an extreme example and the cheapest I've ever found M1 anywhere, but nevertheless tremendous deals can be had.

Whenever I need Mobil1 and Wallyworld doesn't have any, I usually buy the 6 bottle cases from Costco - around $23 & change.
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