Where do you dump your used oil?

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Jun 3, 2005
Ontario, Canada
Well, I have about 50 litres of used oil and don't know what to do with it. Local garages don't want to take them
. Where do you take your used oil? Input from other Canadian would be nice.
Many towns that collect garbage will have a Depot for taking hazardous waste. The depot is usually open once or twice a month. Maybe you would have more luck if you consolodated all your oil into 25 litre jerry cans. I've done that before. Where are you located?

I have no luck with yellow pages and Yes, there is a hazardous waste depot and will take anything but oil. Maybe I have to pay the garages to take my oil. I don't mind paying some $ to get rid of it. Better than dumping in the garbage bin in some mall. There should be some program for this kind of thing. If they don't want to collect them, they shouldn't sell them.
I use it to burn stumps and start the fireplace. Sometimes if I have surplus I take it to walmart.
Here, when you ring the council, they say "screw the lid on as tight as you can, and put it in the trash."
Odd that there isn't someplace with a waste oil furnace that wants the stuff. Worst case scenario, you have to wait for winter... maybe everyone's tanks are full now.
The regulations here in PA don't allow a person to collect oil that he/she/they haven't collected via sales (oil changes). That is, my friendly shop owner is only supposed to collect oil from cars that he services. Beyond that, you need to be a licensed or be designated as a collection point. I believe it has to do with knowing the origins of the oil ..or assuring that it is indeed oil that one is collecting. But if you talk to him, he'll casually accept waste oil from people he doesn't know.

He almost collects enough to carry him through the winter without buying heating oil.
The dump by me has a few collection tanks for used oil and anti-freeze. Unfortunately about 80% of the time I go there the gate is locked. I just walk around it and carry my jugs down to the tanks that are about 100 yards away.
I have a shop in Ontario and we usually take oil from customers (hardly anyone asks though). If it is someone we know well we do it for free and if it is anyone else we sometimes charge a couple of bucks so they don't take advantage of it. Every once and a while we pay a disposal Co. to truck it all away. Another local shop mix's it with a little bit of diesel or kero and uses it in there furnace.
If you want to drive to Sterling Heights (near Detroit), the recycling center is open dawn-to-dusk, is free to use and requires no ID checks. You're supposed to be a resident of the city, but I've never seen anyone there to check. They have a HUGE used oil container.

I'm only half joking, of course.
I dump used oil right into my mechanic's tank.

He doesn't advertise that he accepts used oil. I just asked him one day if I could dump my used oil there. He told me that he takes used oil from anyone.

Really it is in an indy shop's own best interest to accept used oil from people because very often they are potential customers. According to a recent study done by Motor magazine, many indy shop customers do some of their own work on their cars, compared to many dealership customers who do no work at all on their own cars, not even so much as adding washer fluid.
I've taken mine (although in much smaller amounts, like 10L) to the local Canadian Tire and ask nicely. Haven't been refused yet. Other than that, you could try asking your local garage or mechanic if they'll take it.
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