Where do you change your oil?

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Mar 21, 2005
Elderly County, Florida
Came home from the daily grind today and noticed a big cardboard box at my neighbor's house. Turned out he bought a new fridge. I told him I wanted the box, will use it when I change oil so I don't have to lay on the grass and dirt. When I lived in Alabama, I had a nice, big shop behind my house, (22 x 32 with ten foot ceiling). Smooth concrete floor - it was great. Now I live "in town" and do all my changes in the "yard" (if you could call it that - very small). Got me to thinking - how many fellow's on Bitog are in the same boat as I am, and how many have something with a hard floor and a roof.
I have my Mom's driveway, not quite level, but close enough. Its about an hour away from my home, so the oil is always nice and hot when changed. I also get to store my oil stash there and the recycle place is literally around the block to drop off the used stuff.
I used to have to do it in the dirt. It sucks. I found that something non-absorbant like a piece of linoleum is better to lie on that something like cardboard. When oil spills on the cardboard, there is no getting it off. You have to cut out the wet spot or lay in it and get messy. Linoleum and the like whipes clean.
I have a 3 car garage, but i change my oil in the driveway of my house. I also make sure to put a sheet on top of the pavers so they don't get stained. With the ramps it pretty easy to drain the oil, and with the K&N oil filter that has a nut on top, it's a pleasure on my Mazda 6s.
I manage a car dealership, so I have the shop at my disposal after hours. Having a hoist makes life easy. I don't run the bulk oil we have, even though it's probably decent. We use Citgo Superguard. I'm kind of particular when it comes to oil (thanks a lot BITOG) nowadays. Usually I run Schaeffer's or Mobil 1.
I have a very level carport with a macadam floor. I use Rhino Ramps and have some nice comfy rugs ro lay down on. Pretty ideal situation. I have changed oil in a lot of fugly environments/conditions.
I manage a mobile home park that has a big machine shed big enough to drive a semi truck into. I change it there.
Don't think I have used anything but my own garage since becoming a home owner in 1973. Before that paid gas stations. Done some other jobs in ugly places, a starter motor on Third Street in Detroit just south of Wayne State in the winter.
On my neighbor's lawn when they're not home. (They used to have one of the nicest looking lawns in town. You'd think the jerks would take a little more pride in the appearance of their property. Oh, well - some <i>people</i>, huh?)
Usually at my uncles. He has a climate controlled garage, cool in summer, warm in winter. I do most of my work there as I live in an apartment and they dont really like us doing work out there on cars. I do if I have to though.
My garage. If I get out there before 10am in the summer, it's surviveable. I try to avoid summer oil changes, but I always get stuck doing it anyway. I've considered paying someone to do my summertime oil changes, but I don't know if I could go through with it.
At the bodyshop where I work...55000 square feet of air conditioned work space...there's always a lift that I can use. We also have a waste oil tank that the discarded oil goes right into.
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