Where do you buy your M1 synthetic?

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That's where I buy mine. I've never found it cheaper, unless it's on sale or there's a promotion with rebates at another store.
The Hot Buy the past month-or-so has been the new Group-V Pennzoil Platinum. Keep your eye-out for sales. Both Advance Auto & Pep Boys recently had it for around $2 qt after rebate.
While my wife was shopping, I was killing time at the mall by looking around in the Sears automotive department. They are selling the 6 quart case of Mobil 1 for $60.30! That price was marked both on the case itself and on the shelf. I wonder if anyone actually buys it at that price.
Buy Pennz Plat Synthetic at PepBoys with the $4.49/qt coupon and $15 and $10 MIR's, then do the WalMart shuffle. Pay the differance and you have M1 for about $1/qt.
Got it from Wal-Mart, but no more, I'll try the T&SUV since I already have it, but then it's either PP or Amsoil...
About my other post, I have never done that before, then I remembered that the Pennz MIR requires the cap rings, so I do not think WalMart would accept it. All of my M1 came from PepBpoys B3G3Free M1 coupons. I did though do the walmart shuffle to exchange 12qts of M1 for M1EP.
Sam's Club for me. Last time I bought it, they had the 6 qt. case for $23 ($3.83/qt). I haven't bought any oil in a while, though, (using up my stash) and on my last few trips there, they didn't have M1 in stock. I hope they're still carrying it, because I will have to buy oil for my next change.
I've seen it a Target near me for 4.35 a quart but in the other Target about 15 minutes away it is 5.35 a quart..must be local competition Goose [Patriot]
After watching the national-chain parts stores drive the local parts stores out of business, I will not contribute to WalMart becoming my only local source of auto accessories. I used to be able to by used parts, had choices between brands, and had service that would bend over backwards to find anything that I wanted. Now, well if WalMart, AZ, or Advance doesn't carry it, then I problably cannot get it locally. I'll pay a little more just to keep variety on the shelf.
I haven't shopped at Wal-Mart for about four months. But I'm starting to miss those M1 jugs. Not only for price, but I also use them for my used oil. Oh well. I guess I'll just look for them at Kragen/PepBoy's when they are on special.
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