Where do they have salvage yards with late model..

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Nov 29, 2009
I went to a couple salvage yards in my area and the newest vehicle they had was from like 1988. I was expecting to see vehicle of all ages that had been totaled out. Do they have pick a part places in the Houston area with newer model vehicles?
Here the newer cars get nabbed by the yards that pull parts and don't let you go get them yourself. The pic a part places get their cars from backyard's and generally have older cars.
Most pick-a-part type salvage yards only have older model cars. The one I visit typically has only cars that are 10 years or older. the pick-a-part salvage yards I am familiar with have a sister operation that is the newer cars. These are not pick-a-part, but traditional salvage yards, where they pull the part. Parts from newer cars carry more value. The salvage yards like to make sure parts are removed as an assembly. Once they have got what they can from them, then they move the cars to the pick-a-part lots, where everyone can hack off whatever part they want, typically destroying other items in the process. I can understand why salvage yards don't turn the newer cars over to this type of treatment. They would loose a lot of potentially profitable parts that way.
Here in the Chicago area, most of the yards that have a decent turnover rate have mostly newer cars. Almost everything is from the 90s and 2000s. And by "90s", its usually later 90s stuff.
LKQ has multiple Houston locations. They are not a you-pull-it yard though. Yards with newer inventory typically don't allow customers to pull parts themselves because of the damage they cause. They don't want someone ruining a $500 part so they could get a little $1 piece they wanted.
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