Where did the Red Supertech go?

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Feb 9, 2006
Has anyone else noticed a complete absence of Supertech High Mileage ooil at their WallyWorld lately? I haven't seen any in about 1.5 months. Must be supplier troubles...There's still space for it on the shelves.
From what I've seen, the shelves fill up, and empty almost immediately. It's a new label, and is no longer listed as a syn-blend like it used to be. Appears to be very popular around the Saint Louis area.
I knew about it. I have a 30 or so quart stash. But no, in my neck of the woods, it just hasn't been restocked yet there are spaces for it
Well, if it's some good stuff then I'm gonna suggest it to a friend of mine. She has an older model Taurus and she told me she uses Pennzoil HM. Not that Pennzoil HM is bad, but if she can get the ST HM for less, then hey why not... [Big Grin] ...providing either one of us can get our hands on it of course.
It's still around, at least up here. It's priced pretty close to the regular ST ($7.48 vs $6.88 for the 5qt Jug), so it goes pretty quick. I've tried it and my engines like it.
Over in your neck of the woods, bighead, it should be a SOPUS product anyway. I don't know of anyone who's done a UOA but it says it's SM so....It's SOPUS here and hasn't been well stocked. When I started buying a few to put back a few months back, regular ST was Approx $6.18 and HM was $6.38.
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