where can you buy

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Sep 20, 2005
those plastic sticker things that the oil change places use to put on your windshield. I would like to get some so I can write down and have a visual of when my OC are do. beings I do my own.
AZ used to have them by the oil filters for free. I have not seen them for a while, but is was nice. Had the AZ logo on them. The ink faded on them, so they were not much use to me. The last time I saw some was at Pepboys this last Summer. I'm thankful that I now have two trip odometers. One for tracking MPG's and the other for tracking the OCI status. Toyota rocks.
thats it triple. you think any of the local shops would have them or might be more of a on line order?
Yes, they usually have them behind the counter at AZ or AA. Just ask the counter person when you checkout. Joel
I purchased a bunch of the static cling oil change labels from AMSOIL several years ago... use them on my car for an OC reminder. However, when looking today I couldn't find them on the AMSOIL website.. any AMSOIL dealers out there who know if they are still available?? Another option for oil change reminders is the trip odometer. The driver information center (DIC) on my truck (Chevy 2500HD Duramax) has three odometers (personal, business and annual)... I use the personal odometer for fuel mileage, business odometer for oil changes, and the annual odometer for fuel filter changes. [Smile]
I get mine from Checkers when picking up some of that good 49 cent a quart Chevron oil... [stretch] Dark Jedi will have some of my stickers in about 3 days! [Razz] Happy New year everyone! [Cheers!] Bill [Coffee]
I use the ones that come on chevron techron and you can rewrite on it but they are not clear but just a sticker. I used autozone and blackstone ones before that are windshield types. I decided I like a clear windshield without those stickers so I am using one under the hood now. If you check your oil under the hood is good location.
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