Where can i go to get specs for spark plug gaps?

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Jan 7, 2009
Rochester, MI, US, World
i just bought a new plug for my homelite weed trimmer and it actually starts and runs very nicely... for once! i wanna make sure of the gap though, but i cant find the owners manual. is there a site, say Champion's website for example, that will give me the proper plug gap? Part number is RCJ6Y or 852.
if you look towards the bottom of that list, is shows 0.030" for some of the Homelite weed trimmers. he 0.025" is for the saws i think. i emailed homelite so hopefully they email me back with an answer soon. either gap will do fine im sure.
Go to google and type in the model number of your equiptment and search for an owners manual. I have found all 12 I went looking for. The are pdf's.
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